Vicki Gunvalson throws serious shade at Teresa Giudice at BravoCon 2022

Vicki Gunvalson shared her unfiltered thoughts on Teresa Giudice at BravoCon 2022, and let’s just say she wasn’t holding anything back. If you’re a fan of the massive Real Housewives franchise, you probably know who the aforementioned Bravolebrities are. Since their debuts on “Real Housewives of Orange County” and “Real Housewives of New Jersey,” Gunvalson and Giudice have become two of the network’s most notable stars. However, just because the reality personalities share a “Real Housewives” background doesn’t mean the two have developed a friendly relationship.

In 2020, former OC housewife seemingly shadowed Giudice after she was sentenced to jail for cheating in 2014, according to People. “It’s hard for me because I’m a steward of money and I don’t want to cheat or steal,” she told Andy Cohen on an episode of her podcast, Whoop It Up with Vicki (via Reality’s blurb). “There’s a lot I don’t know [but] I find [Teresa] knew more than what she was getting at. She had to. She’s not an idiot.”

Although two years have passed since her comments, Gunvalson’s thoughts on the subject and Giudice have not changed.

Vicki Gunvalson calls Teresa Giudice overrated

On October 14th, BravoCon 2022 opened its doors to a crowd of the franchise’s most dedicated fans. One of the housewives who held nothing back was Vicki Gunvalson, who made shocking comments about Teresa Giudice during a panel. According to a reporter from The List, the ‘OG’ OC housewife shot at the New Jersey star when asked who she thought was the ‘most overrated housewife’.

“I would say Teresa [Giudice]. It’s not that I don’t like Teresa, I just think you do something bad and go to jail and still do a TV show? I just can’t believe it,” she explained during the Right the Relationship panel. Near the end of her statement, Gunvalson said she “liked her” but didn’t receive her appeal, before explaining that she voted for Teresa on “Dancing with the Stars.”

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With Giudice serving more than five years in prison, the ‘Real Housewives’ star has kept an open book on her experiences. During her panel at BravoCon, the cookbook author recalled being devastated after her prison sentence, despite her ex-husband Joe Giudice saying she had nothing to do with her bankruptcy cheating. “I really thought nothing was going to happen … it was the most devastating thing in my entire life,” she said at the event (via People).