Venus Williams has no time for a reporter who tried to pit her against Serena

Venus and Serena Williams took the concept of sibling rivalry to a whole new level when they became professionals in the same sport. The tennis superstars have dominated the court for decades, winning grand slams and inspiring films like King Richard, which chronicles their family legacy.

During their career at the top, the two faced each other around 30 times. Although CBS Sports has noted that Serena has a better track record, her games are always a great watch for fans. In an interview with Ellen DeGeneres in 2022, Serena shared, “[Playing Venus] is like playing myself… She returns every ball.”

As Sports Illustrated reported, Venus Williams returned to the professional stage for the first time in over a decade to compete in the Wimbledon mixed doubles tournament alongside Jamie Murray in July. However, it quickly became apparent that their competition would not only be on the other side of the web. Sometimes it comes from the other side of the press bed.

A reporter questioned Venus Williams and Jamie Murray’s intentions

When Wimbledon announced Venus Williams and Jamie Murray were competing as a duo, fans were excited to see how far they would make it. As The Guardian notes, Venus isn’t the only one of the two with a famous tennis sibling. Jamie is the older brother of Andy Murray, an accomplished Grand Slam winner who has amassed nearly $63 million in prize money over his career, per Wimbledon.

The Guardian also pointed out that Serena and Andy competed together in the mixed doubles tournament back in 2019 and made it to the third round before being defeated. Her siblings’ record led one reporter to question her goals. As the pair sat at the press table, he quipped, “So are you guys in it to win it? Or is it the first goal just to get through the third round where Serena and Andy had a cropper?”

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Both Venus and Jamie met the question with confused laughter. “Whats that for a question? We’re going for a walk,” Venus began sarcastically. “So, come on.” The reporter doubled down and asked, “Are you here for the experience, or are you going all the way?” Venus left no room for speculation this time: “Are you going to write a good article, or just a halfway decent one?” The reporter replied, “Me will do what I usually do”, to which Venus replied: “Us too.” This is now a Grand Slam.