Two important guests are reportedly skipping Teresa Giudice’s wedding

Guests can breathe a sigh of relief as Teresa Giudice’s upcoming wedding has one less table turned. The ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ star has had quite a ride in recent years. She went from a happily married mother of four who lived in a luxury mansion and drove an executive car to a broke single mother. Per People, Teresa’s troubles began after she and her husband, Joe Giudice, were arrested in 2013 on allegations of fraud and federal tax evasion.

Teresa went to prison first and served 11 months at a facility in Danbury, Connecticut. Joe was behind bars three years later. After his release, he unsuccessfully fought an expulsion order and ended up back in his native Italy. Teresa and Joe called off their 20-year marriage in 2019, and she was left to raise her daughters alone. Worse, Teresa lost a lot of money after being ordered to pay off the couple’s debt and pay back taxes.

However, there was light and love on the horizon. The US Sun reports that Teresa began dating Luis Ruelas in November 2020 and the pair began a whirlwind romance. And by the time she started planning her fairytale wedding, Teresa was finally debt-free, according to The Sun. Her lover? Not as much. He is currently caught in a web of legal questions regarding alleged defaults. But the reality star won’t let that or anything else ruin her big day, even though two key guests reportedly skipped Teresa’s wedding.

There will be no brotherly love at Teresa Giudice’s wedding

To say that Teresa Giudice and her brother Joe Gorga have a strained relationship would be an understatement. Giudice and Joe’s wife, Melissa Gorga, have rubbed heads together and fought their way out in some truly epic on-camera duels over the years. They’ve gone through periods of playing nice, but it never takes long to get back into it (“Really b***h?”). Joe is constantly stuck in the middle of Giudice and Melissa’s fights. Despite doing his best to play the peacemaker, Joe ultimately backs off from Melissa because, well, happy woman, happy life.

So it’s no big surprise that Joe and Melissa don’t rush to Nordstrom to pick out a wedding present for Giudice and Luis Ruelas. In fact, they’re reportedly shutting down the event entirely. “They were invited,” a source told Page Six. It seemed like they once planned to go there when Melissa was at Giudice’s bachelorette party. However, the source claimed, “A very tense ‘Housewives’ finale was filmed earlier this week.” Nothing changes then.

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Entertainment Tonight reports that Giudice called Joe a “b***h boy” among other insults during the season 12 reunion show of “RHONJ.” “I didn’t want to call my brother what I called him,” she told ET. Giudice insisted that she genuinely loves Joe, had no intention of offending him and would never do anything to cause him pain. “You know, brothers and sisters call each other names all the time, right?” She said.