Twitter is having a big day over Olivia Wilde’s special salad dressing recipe

Just when we thought there was no more Olivia Wilde content to pull from the internet, the particular salad dressing story hits our screens — and the tweets didn’t disappoint. Wilde’s custody battle with former fiancé Jason Sudeikis has already been eventful, to say the least. Nothing says “controversial” like being served legal documents live on stage. Picking up the baton of this crazy custody story is the interview given to the Daily Mail by Wilde and Sudeiki’s former nanny.

The nanny claimed Wilde started dating Harry Styles while she was still engaged to Sudeikis. This person also claimed that the former “Saturday Night Live” star got particularly angry when Wilde made her “special salad dressing” for Styles. So much so that the actor threw himself under her car to stop her from going to Style’s house with the obviously magical condiment.

This story left the entire internet with just one question: What in God’s name does Wilde put in her salad?

Twitter wants to know the dressing recipe

The report that Jason Sudeikis was so emotionally attached to Olivia Wilde’s special salad dressing that he lay down in front of a car to stop her giving it to anyone else has shocked the world. For obvious reasons.

“I just read a headline saying Jason Sudeikis lay down in front of Olivia Wilde’s car to stop her from bringing Harry Styles a salad with special dressing. Read a viral tweet. Another Twitter user with seriously messy energy said, “If I were Olivia Wilde, I would post the salad dressing recipe on my Instagram story and then turn off my phone.” In fact, many social media users have been clamoring for the recipe . “Need Olivia Wilde to drop her salad dressing recipe that Harry bagged and Ted Lasso had when he threw himself under her car,” one person wrote. Engagement chicken is out. Special salad dressing is in.

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Luckily, some people think they’ve figured out what’s in this magic sauce. Gossip site Deux Moi noted that Wilde once shared a salad dressing recipe on a Food Network show that, of course, is now widely shared. “Update: THE INTERNET FOUND WHAT COULD BE THE SALAD DRESSING THAT OLIVIA WILDE TAKEN. This is…*checking notes* just a very basic vinaigrette,” one person wrote on Twitter.

It’s not about the vinaigrette – it’s about love.