Tom Holland has a Spider-Man tattoo in an unusual place

Tom Holland’s Spidey senses are definitely tingling after getting a tattoo commemorating his Spider-Man role. Holland started acting at a young age, but the actor is best known for his role as Peter Parker in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In 2021, Spider-Man: No Way Home was released and shook box offices around the world. Holland had been Spider-Man for quite some time before the film’s release, when he landed the iconic comic book role in 2015, according to IMDb. He has been part of several solo and collaborative films including: Avengers: Infinity War and a brief cameo in Captain America: Civil War.

During the press tour for his first solo film, Spider-Man: Homecoming, the actor revealed he got a tattoo in honor of the role. But it wasn’t so much the tattoo that shocked fans as more about where he got the tattoo from. Holland isn’t the first celebrity to get a tattoo in a bizarre location, but many have wondered why the star would choose his foot to get the tattoo done.

Tom Holland’s foot tattoo hurts so much

Celebrities who have played iconic roles have been known to get tattoos in honor of the show or movie that changed their lives. In fact, Tom Holland’s co-stars got tattoos in honor of their characters in Avengers. BBC reported that Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johanson and Chris Evans have all been given an icon that unites all of their characters.

Following his MCU peers, Holland decided to get a tattoo in honor of his Spider-Man role. Holland decided to let the Spider-Man logo come down in a web on the bottom of his foot. The actor told ‘Back to the Movies’: “I’ve always wanted to have this Spider-Man icon [there]but I never thought I’d make it, and the opportunity came along.” The actor also happened to get the tattoo in New York, the state where his character is from. Holland had the “Bang Bang” tattoo done by Keith McCurdy, who has done several other celebrities such as Selena Gomez and Rihanna.

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Inking is not an easy experience, especially if you are tattooing on a painful area. Healthline reports that foot tattoos can be one of the most painful places on the body. Though Spider-Man has been beaten up and injured in almost every film, Holland handles pain a little differently than his superhero character. The actor briefly commented to the interviewer about the pain of his tattoo: “It hurt so much.” Now fans know the downfall of Spider-Man… tattoos.

Tom had to get the foot tattoo done three times

Getting a tattoo is painful enough, let alone getting the same tattoo three times. Tattoos fade over time and people will come back to have their ink re-inked for a refreshed look. There are certain places on the body that cause tattoos to fade faster than most. Cosmopolitan covered the top five places on the body for tattoo fading and unfortunately for Tom Holland, feet are #3 on the list. The reason foot tattoos fade quickly can be attributed to the constant friction in the area. From socks, shoes and just bare ground, feet are constantly in contact with something.

Holland told Back to the Movies that’s exactly what happened to him. The ‘No Way Home’ actor explained: “I absolutely had to have it [the tattoo] made three times because it fades on the bottom of your foot. So he really had to go home the third time, so to speak.” The painful experience seemed to pay off for Holland, who described it as “an amazing experience”.

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Since getting the Spider-Man tattoo, the actor has yet to reveal if he’s had any other tattoos. However, should the star be inked again, it’s most likely in a discreet location for easy hiding from the on-camera reels.