Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s marital woes are reportedly far from over

Seriously, what’s up with Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen? The two, who tied the knot in 2009, have been plagued by rumors of tension in their marriage — and it sounds like the rumor mill isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Page Six claimed that all was not well in the genetically blessed couple’s Sept. 1 romance, reporting the couple allegedly had a rather dramatic argument. The drama reportedly grew out of Brady’s big retirement turnaround, when he told the world he was retiring from football in February before changing his mind and returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers about six weeks later. “Gisele was always the one with the children. They had agreed that he would step down to focus on family, then he changed his mind,” a source claimed, adding, “They have a fiery relationship. Gisele’s a bit hot-tempered — she’s got that Brazilian heat!” A second insider went as far as to claim the supermodel is a little jealous of her husband’s long-running career as the game’s top QB.

Amid the speculation, Bundchen was seen on Sept. 5 taking her kids on a trip to Tidal Cove Water Park near Miami, Florida, according to People. But noticeably absent? Brady, who was known to be in Florida when he returned to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers after an unexplained absence. And it sounds like things aren’t exactly right.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen have reportedly not reconciled

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are still reportedly not on good terms. Page Six provided an update on all the alleged drama on Sept. 6, a day after the Sans Brady family’s water park day, and claimed the couple hadn’t reconciled since Bummel returned to Florida after a trip to Costa Rica. “She flew back to Florida to be with her kids but wasn’t at her home in Tampa. Tom still hopes they can reconcile,” a source said. While Brady is in Tampa for work, Bundchen is said to have been in Miami.

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Neither has commented publicly on the rumors of trouble in paradise, although the claims came about two months after Brady revealed that the hardest part of parenthood is with his wife; her privilege. He admitted on “DRIVE with Jim Farley” in July that he and Bundchen have had a hard time communicating to their kids that the lavish lifestyle they lead isn’t the norm.

Bundchen opened up about her marriage in May. “I don’t think relationships just happen; it’s never the fairy tale people want to believe. It takes work to really be in sync with someone, especially after you have kids,” she told Vogue UK. “His focus is on him. My career is mostly with the kids. And I am very grateful that he takes the reins when it comes to our family.”