This is what Savannah Guthrie really looks like without makeup

Today host Savannah Guthrie knows the value of a good glam crew. As the pandemic began, viewers noticed a marked change in her appearance, with one Twitter user complaining in particular about her hairstyle. “We’re all doing our own hair and makeup during the pandemic. And yes, it shows!” Guthrie tweeted in response.

The broadcaster often interacts with her fans on social media, where she warned them not to fall for fake online ads claiming she has taken a second job. “For the record, I don’t have a skincare line. Or a line of anything. Unless you count wrinkles,” she tweeted. She’s also been taking beauty advice on Instagram – her followers learned she prefers a minimal makeup look when she asked them for a BB cream recommendation, describing her favorite version of the product as “kinda makeup and kinda not”. .

Guthrie is also comfortable on social media when she’s going bare-faced, like when she shared a selfie after oversleeping and being late for work. “Fifteen minutes ago with no hair, no makeup it was a terrifying sight but a couple of miracle workers rolled me in upstairs and I’m very happy to be here,” she said on Today. It wasn’t the first time she’d appeared on Instagram sans makeup, and there was one particular moment she was more than happy to skip the glam for.

Savannah Guthrie posed nude with her newborn

Savannah Guthrie told People that she mastered the art of applying her own makeup early on in her news career, but after welcoming daughter Vale into the world in 2014, makeup was the last thing on the new mom’s mind when she posed for her first time. ever photos with her child. “I thought everyone would be looking at little Vale anyway. After all, she is the star of the pictures. …the only makeup I wear is happiness!!” Guthrie said, “Today.” Many fans loved her decision to rock a natural look in the pictures. “I’m glad she looks like a real mother giving birth in her pictures and not all dressed up,” read a comment on the Today show’s Facebook page.

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In a vacation photo she posted to Instagram in 2017 (pictured above), Guthrie also showed off a feature of her skin that fans don’t often get to see. “Freckles! You’re young forever!!” wrote one of her followers in the comments. The following year, Guthrie spoke to Today about the reaction she gets when she acts makeup-free on social media, noting that her fans don’t seem to be expecting to see it. She also admitted to using filters on her pics to hide some flaws, but said visible wrinkles aren’t a deal breaker when it comes to which pics to post. “I’m 46 years old and I don’t mind looking 46 years old,” she explained.

Savannah Guthrie got Botox on TV

Savannah Guthrie told Today that she prefers to go nude on her days off, but likes to wear makeup. “I’ve been trying to perfect the smokey eye for about a decade,” she confessed. She also admitted that she doesn’t mind using Botox to give herself a longer-lasting confidence boost, and she even tested the injectable during a “Today” show segment.

In 2015, Guthrie learned about the skin-smoothing effects of Botox when a dermatologist injected the substance into the eye area. “Savannah has beautiful blue eyes, but she grew up in Arizona and spent a lot of time squinting in the sun and smiling, which is a great thing, but overuse of those muscles causes crow’s feet that we’re going to freeze.” said dermatologist Dr. Amy Wechsler. However, Guthrie’s experimentation with the cosmetic procedure doesn’t mean she has any ill will towards her wrinkles. “They come from smiling and laughing, and those are the best wrinkles,” she said.

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A great sense of humor helps when fans decide to share their opinion on the journalist’s performance. According to People, Guthrie had the perfect throwback when one of her Instagram followers wrote, “You look so old Savannah what happened to you.” Her response included a crying laughing emoji and a brief explanation, “I’ve aged!”