This is what Katie Couric looks like without makeup

For years, Katie Couric has attracted viewers with her age-defying beauty and down-to-earth personality. A former anchor on NBC, CBS, and ABC, Couric has certainly had her share of professional success. Many people know this celebrity TV personality from the show ‘Today’ which she co-hosted in the ’90s and early 2000s.

She is also the founder of Katie Couric Media, a media company covering news and lifestyle topics. The accomplished journalist has broken through barriers throughout her career. In 2021, Couric made history as the first female guest host on Jeopardy. Despite some controversial moments, like her Jerry Cipriano scandal, Couric has used her platform to have important conversations about political and social issues.

How else has Couric influenced the public? Well, she’s certainly made herself understood in the discussion of traditional standards of beauty. Couric has openly shared her thoughts on aging and inspired fans to embrace their natural selves. But does it practice what it preaches? Let’s break down Couric’s makeup-free journey.

Katie Couric’s makeup-free shoot made her feel “liberated and vulnerable”.

Though initially reluctant, Katie Couric was treated to makeup-free for People’s annual Beautiful Issue 2021. The news anchor took the term “real” to a whole new level. She said: “A no-makeup shoot makes you feel both liberated and vulnerable. It makes you feel great because you’re being true to who you are and how you look.” Her message to women? Don’t be afraid to show the real you. And don’t be ashamed of your wrinkles; They show a “life full of laughs and smiles,” she told People. That doesn’t mean Couric is against makeup, though. “When you wear too much, it’s really aging. If you don’t wear one, it’s terrifying. You just have to wear the right amount to improve yourself, but not to cover up who you are,” she explained.

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Her “People” shoot isn’t the only time Couric went makeup-free. In 2013, Couric tweeted two photos side by side; with and without makeup. She wrote: “I’m going makeup-free for tonight’s show!! who is with me Here’s my before & after – tweet yours!” In 2018, she kept the less is more train going by posting an Instagram photo of herself lying in bed with glasses and minimal makeup. The most significant part of the post was the caption, which serves to challenge unrealistic standards of beauty. She described “Snapchat dysmorphia,” which appears to cause people to compare themselves to their heavily edited selfies. “Obviously I’m bucking that trend. I also have a terrible sore throat.”

Katie Couric demonstrated her makeup routine

On another occasion, Katie Couric decided to ditch her makeup. But the purpose was different this time. In a YouTube video titled “Inside Katie Couric’s Makeup Room,” the journalist teamed up with her makeup artist to demonstrate a tutorial of her favorite look. Opening the video, she said: “Hello everyone. I know. Can you believe how brave I am to let you see without makeup? Creepy, right?” Her makeup artist then applied products like eyeshadow, foundation, and eyeliner. But leave it to Couric to apply her own mascara. Upon completing the makeup tutorial, Couric turned to the camera and said, “So you’ve seen the before… here’s the after. Much better, right? Well, a little better?”

Though Couric isn’t afraid to get out in nature, she’s also clearly enjoying her makeup routine. In 2021, Couric teamed up with good friend and makeup founder Bobbi Brown to create a limited edition “Katie Kit” for Brown’s Jones Road makeup line. The collection included mascara, eyeliner, balm and gloss.

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And what is Couric’s makeup product of choice? The journalist told People: “Mascara makes a big difference. My lashes are pretty light and my eyes kind of disappear when I’m not wearing mascara. L’Oréal mascara by CVS is my number one choice.” The theme for Couric? When it comes to makeup, it’s clear that balance is key.