This is what Jessica Alba looks like without makeup

It probably won’t surprise anyone that Jessica Alba is absolutely gorgeous with or without makeup. Once crowned Sexiest Woman in the World by FHM (via Standard), the star is a totally natural beauty and works hard to ensure other people can achieve her stunning look without any downside. That’s exactly why she launched her own brand Honest and makeup and skincare spin-off Honest Beauty, which doubles as effective makeup without all the unwanted chemicals. “To be honest, there are a lot of gimmicks about natural, organic and clean beauty in the beauty industry. Consumers think they’re buying something that’s better for them, and a lot of the time it’s not,” she admitted to Marie Claire in November 2019. “When you see companies using the language that doesn’t include x, y, z… was made but then don’t say it was also made with… it’s impossible to know what to look for,” she added.

But don’t think just because Alba, as the company’s big boss, has access to any beauty product she wants doesn’t mean she enjoys a makeup-free day. In fact, the star is (understandably) so confident in her natural beauty that she’s shown off her makeup-free complexion a number of times before. So, how does Jessica Alba really look without makeup? Let’s get down to business…

Jessica Alba’s Guide to Perfect Skin

Jessica Alba gave us a glimpse of her flawless skin without a touch of makeup as she shared all her beauty tips with Vogue in 2020. The star started sans the cosmetics as she revealed her skincare secrets and showed exactly how she gets rid of that blemish glow with a face mask and face creams that she massages in with a metal tool. The star also shared her biggest and best tips for glowing skin with British Vogue, where she removed her makeup in front of our eyes – leaving us in awe of her stunning no makeup look! The star revealed she’s a big fan of applying vitamin C to her face, before showing us through the machine she uses to keep her skin plump.

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But Alba’s skin wasn’t always so perfect. “All the skincare products I use are clean and I’m so passionate about it because I’ve had skin that’s so reactive, literally, since I was born,” she told Vogue. “I thought I had chronic cystic acne when I was in my 20s, but I realized that I’m only allergic to a lot of petroleum-based ingredients, and I’m also allergic to synthetic fragrances.”

Jessica Alba’s beauty secrets

But when it’s time to go all glam, Jessica Alba doesn’t seem afraid to go all out. She revealed how she enjoys doing her own makeup in a video for Vogue in 2020 and revealed that she’s a fan of smoky eyes during the day. “I used to be really intimidated by making my own eyeshadow. Then I learned that all you need is a fluffy brush and you can polish out all your mistakes!” she revealed.

Even the super-rich Alba isn’t afraid to try out the latest trends. In June, she tried a new makeup application routine for her followers, dabbing each product onto her face and then buffing away each product one at a time. “Okay listen to me… I know I look crazy but I think @chloemorello just unlocked a next level makeup hack! Not only is it quick and easy, but the final natural and dewy look is a mood give it a try if you haven’t already!” She captioned the Instagram video, also revealing the Honest Beauty products she uses.

But as you can see above, she’s not always all about the full glamour. Alba often shows off her makeup-free look on Instagram while showcasing her company’s skincare products, like in January when she showed off her enviably glowing skin before treating herself to a Honest Beauty face mask.

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