This is what Jennifer Love Hewitt looks like without makeup

Jennifer Love Hewitt is a woman of many talents. In addition to starring in cult films like I Know What You Did Last Summer and Heartbreakers, the popular ’90s actress has had a diverse career. Most of her fans remember her TV roles, as Hewitt appeared regularly on Criminal Minds, 9-1-1, Ghost Whisperer, and of course, Party of Five. Needless to say, the renowned actress has made a name for herself in the entertainment industry.

From the big screen to our TV screens, we’ve watched the brown-eyed beauty grow up in front of the world for the past 30 years. Whether it’s for TV or personal life, Hewitt takes a relaxed approach to her beauty routine. When asked about her beauty routine during her pregnancy in an interview with Hello, the star shared, “Whatever makes you feel good about the day. Sometimes it’s glamorous / other days it embraces the natural glow of pregnancy.”

It seems the Can’t Hardly Wait actress has stayed true to her word about embracing her natural looks, as the mother-of-three once shared a makeup-free selfie that caused quite a stir. How does the star feel about dressing up bare-faced?

Jennifer Love Hewitt showed off her makeup-free look

In March 2022, Jennifer Love Hewitt posted a no-filter, no-makeup selfie on her Instagram that surprised her fans. In the picture, she showed off her natural self with a fresh face and wet hair.

Taking the time to open up in the caption, the star wrote, “I posted this pic earlier and heard a lot of positive thoughts. It means so much to me because aging is weird. And growing up with you guys for 33 years has been amazing, but the filters of everything can be tricky. You can’t help but want to look better or even perfect to keep up.” Hewitt explained that while filters are fun, they “can also be very difficult because you can forget to be comfortable in your true colors .” She continued, “Maybe I just need to be more balanced. Anyway, thanks for letting me share today and feel good.”

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Fans were quick to respond to the ‘9-1-1’ star’s post, applauding her for being transparent and advocating being more real. “Natural beauty looks better,” gushed one fan. Another fan commented, “This is SO great for women of all ages to see and hear! You are beautiful, thanks for sharing!”

Jennifer can go with or without makeup

While some celebrities spend heavily on their beauty regimen, Jennifer Love Hewitt shared in a February 2013 interview that as she ages, she incorporates her natural looks into her makeup routine.

“Well I find as I get older…less is more,” she told OK! “In my twenties it was all about buying makeup and not needing moisturizer. And I think my thirties were all about wearing less makeup and more moisturizer. I spend more money on eye creams and moisturizers these days than I do on foundation or eyeshadow. I’m a big moisturizer, mascara [and] Lipgloss girl.”

In March 2022, Hewitt admitted to playing with the “perfecting” filters in a video on Instagram, telling her million-plus followers, “I don’t look like it. I wish I would have done it…but I don’t!” Fans were quick to take to the comments to talk about the stars’ natural beauty without a filter. “No no no. You’re way better,” commented one fan. Filter or no filter, one thing remains constant: fans are wholeheartedly supportive of Hewitt’s natural beauty.