This is what Jenna Bush Hager really looks like without makeup

It’s pretty obvious that Jenna Bush Hager is absolutely gorgeous with or without makeup. The former White House resident (she’s the daughter of former President George W. Bush and Laura Bush, of course), who became a “Today” regular, is one of the most naturally gorgeous women on TV, but even she’s been open about it with her Fighting Confidence Over the years, the revelation of her body image struggles stretched back to her childhood.

Speaking on “Today with Hoda & Jenna” in April 2019, when Meredith Viera filled in for Hoda Kotb, Jenna recalled finding an old journal of hers and realizing that she had worried about her weight since she was a child. “I opened my first grade diary and I must have been seven or eight. I could barely write, and I certainly couldn’t spell, and my New Year’s resolution was to lose four pounds, and I actually crossed out seven and wrote four,” Jenna shared, adding that she hoped her young daughters would would not lose the confidence they had developed. “I’m seeing my perfect little girls right now. And they look at themselves in the mirror – and they’re so proud – and I’m like, ‘How can I leave this? How can that stay?’ I don’t know the answer,” she explained.

But while Jenna has had her own struggles over the years, luckily today the star seems to be on a better path and not afraid to show herself in front of the world.

Makeup-free photos by Jenna Bush Hager

Jenna Bush Hager has shown off her natural beauty without makeup a number of times, including in February 2019 when she shared a very natural snap with sister Barbara Bush. The Instagram upload showed the duo in matching gray tracksuits while tucking their hair into towels. The most stunning part, though? Your radiant complexion! The pair’s proven splendor clearly runs in the family as they dropped cosmetics for their sibling time.

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But that’s not the only time Jenna has gone cosmetic-free on Instagram alongside her gorgeous family. In May 2021, she showed what her life at home is like when she celebrated her husband Henry Chase Hager’s birthday and Mother’s Day on the same day. “Happy to share Mother’s Day with this guy who makes motherhood so fun and full of joy!” she wrote in the caption for the snaps, adding, “You’ll never see this but we loved seeing you with a family dinner.” , homemade sheet cake and a toddler on fire.” Among the adorable photos was a stunning photo of Jenna and her husband, who smiled as he took the selfie with a plate of delicious rainbow sprinkles dessert in front of them.

Jenna Bush Hager’s makeup favorites

But while it seems like Jenna Bush Hager likes to go without cosmetics when hanging out with her family, we know that she’s a fan of cosmetics when it comes to work. In fact, we even know some of her favorite products that set her up for a morning in front of the NBC cameras. Makeup artist Patricia Ambroise took to Facebook in 2016 to share some of the products she used in the makeup chair to enhance Jenna’s glowing complexion when she applied Orlane’s Teint Absolu Treatment Foundation in shade 12, the lip liner by LA Girl in the shade Natural and used Be Legendary Lipstick by Smashbox in Mauve Matte.

But don’t think that anywhere you can take a photo of Jenna sans cosmetics. In August 2022, the star opened up about wearing makeup to the gym with her co-star Hoda Kotb (who has plenty of makeup-free moments herself) on Today with Hoda & Jenna, where both admitted that they They don’t necessarily make a full face for a workout, they often keep the makeup they already wear to hit the treadmill. One thing is for sure though, makeup or not, Jenna Bush Hager is absolutely stunning.

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