The Unexpected Path Kimberly Stewart followed in the Kardashians’ footsteps

Kimberly Stewart could be the newest star to join the Kardashian inner circle after she was spotted out with Kourtney Kardashian’s ex. Kimberly – the daughter of none other than Rod Stewart and Alana Stewart – was spotted on an apparent date with the reality star in candid snaps shared by the Daily Mail in August, and they made no secret of their romance by sticking to the Hands held what should have been a cozy dinner.

How does Kourtney feel about all of this, we hear you ask? Well, it sounds like Mrs. Travis Barker is pretty happy that the father of her three kids is moving on. A source told Entertainment Tonight about Kourtney’s take on the romance a few days after the two were spotted together, explaining that Kourtney is reportedly supportive of their casual relationship. They added that the Poosh founder will always support her baby daddy as long as he is well and her kids are happy.

But did you know that starting a romance with Disick isn’t Stewart’s only way to follow in the footsteps of the Kardashian clan?

Kimberly Stewart had her own family reality show

Keeping up with the Stewarts? Yes, you may have forgotten that there was once a time when the world had a front row seat to the personal lives of Kimberly Stewart and her famous family, just like we’ve had with the Kardashians for years. The star appeared on the reality show Stewarts & Hamiltons when the reality TV cameras were invited to follow the life of the Stewarts and the family of their former stepfather, George Hamilton. The short-lived show aired on E! (yes, the same network that aired 20 seasons of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”) but didn’t exactly emulate the K-Family’s impressive run, only airing eight episodes in 2015.

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Of course, there were plenty of family comparisons back then, with Kimberly’s mother Alana Stewart revealing in 2015 that the Stewarts had been close to the Kardashians for years. “My kids grew up with the Kardashians, Kim and Kourtney were always close to my house — they’ve known Kimberly and Ashley for years,” she told Closer. Want an even crazier hookup now that Kimberly and Scott seem to have sparked a romance? Alana revealed that Kimberly’s brother Sean Stewart actually introduced Disick to Kourtney a long time ago. How crazy is that!?

However, don’t think there was any drama between these famous families. “I think it’s amazing what has happened to the Kardashians, they are a great family and I admire and respect their show,” Alana added.

What does Kimberly Stewart think of the Kardashians?

While we know that Kimberly Stewart’s mom has nothing but sweet things to say about the Kardashian clan, what does Kimberly really think of them? “I went to school with Kim and Kourtney and I’m amazed at what they’ve done. It’s crazy to think that they are the most famous family in the world. But every family is different,” she told the Sunday Times. her childhood friends in 2015.

It was that same year that romance rumors between Kimberly and Scott Disick first surfaced, though Kimberly’s mother, Alana, was quick to shut down at the time, claiming there was more than a purely platonic friendship. “Scott and Kimberly and Sean are great friends and have been for many years, and Kimberly and Sean love Kourtney,” she told People at the time after the two were spotted hanging out together.

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But that’s not the only connection Kimberly has to the K family. They all walk in the same Hollywood circles, which means they have a few friends in common. In fact, Stewarts & Hamiltons wasn’t Kimberly’s first exposure to reality TV, as she is close friends with Paris Hilton (just as Kim Kardashian has a long history with Hilton) and was announced to be joining the heiress in season 4 of The Simple Life” instead of Nicole Richie. Hilton confirmed Stewart’s addition to USA Today in 2005, although this never came to fruition and Richie continued with the show.