The uncomfortable interview that landed Jennifer Lawrence in hot water

In short, Jennifer Lawrence (affectionately known to her fans as JLaw) has pulled off a rare feat in Hollywood. Despite her meteoric rise in fame, she managed to pull off an awkward, understandable schtick (like falling twice at the Oscars and keeping a “Finsta”) that convinced the public she was one of us. Unfortunately, the internet loves nothing more than to bring people down to earth, and it wasn’t long before their relationship skills were questioned by, well…everyone, including Anderson Cooper and Jared Leto. And while it’s not uncommon for someone as popular as Lawrence was in the 2010s to face backlash, the actor has unfortunately said and done things that absolutely warrant a side eye or two.

For example, the Hunger Games star once scolded a reporter during the 2016 Golden Globes for reading a question off his phone. “You can’t spend your whole life behind your phone, bro,” Lawrence said. “You just can’t do that. You’ve got to live in the now.” According to The Guardian, English wasn’t the reporter’s native language, so he incorrectly addressed the awards as The Oscars. However, Lawrence condescendingly corrected his slip, saying he would have known which awards show he was at if he hadn’t been on his phone. A quick backlash ensued, with people accusing the star of being culturally insensitive. A user tweeted, “Jennifer Lawrence, practically bullying a nervous reporter with broken English in front of his colleagues isn’t…funny…”

Anne Hathaway defends Jennifer Lawrence

Unfortunately, Jennifer Lawrence’s backlash wasn’t limited to Twitter. There have been multiple reports of the awkward incident on various news outlets including Refinery 29, Mic and Buzzfeed, which have criticized the actor’s actions. Despite the backlash, however, not everyone felt the need to pounce on Lawrence. Anne Hathaway, who has endured her fair share of internet criticism, took to Facebook to show her support for her fellow actor.

According to People, the Princess Diaries actor felt Lawrence’s scolding wasn’t what it seemed. “Dear Internet, It has become quite clear that Jennifer Lawrence’s ‘scolding’ was taken out of context and that she was making a dry joke with a journalist who was actually using his phone to take pictures of her,” Hathaway wrote on Facebook. The Academy Award-winning actor went on to say that Lawrence is a “beautiful, talented, hugely successful, popular, FOUR-TIME OSCAR-NOMINATED young woman.” Hathaway ended her testimony with a request not to “tear her down for these things.”

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Hathaway’s sincere appeal drew mixed reviews, as some users felt Lawrence’s actions were inexcusable. Even so, Hathaway is far too familiar with being on the bad side of the internet. Following her 2013 Oscar-winning role in “Les Misérables,” the internet widely criticized the then 30-year-old for what she felt was a quirky, smug acceptance speech (via Koi Moi). So it’s not surprising that she felt the need to show Lawrence a little grace.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Hawaii controversy

Public support for Jennifer Lawrence has dwindled somewhat in recent years due to a series of scandals involving the actress. One of the most notable was when Lawrence appeared on The Graham Norton Show alongside her Passengers co-star Chris Pratt. During the segment, the actress shared a story about how she “almost killed” a guy while filming The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

While filming in Hawaii, Lawrence apparently sat on some large rocks that were “sacred” and not meant to be sat on. “However, I was in a wetsuit the whole shoot, so – oh my god, they were so good for that butt itch.” The rock broke loose and “almost killed” the sound engineer. Lawrence ended the story by saying that local Hawaiians thought the incident meant a curse. However, she was “around the corner and going, ‘Haha, I’m your curse.

As you can imagine, Lawrence’s brazen reaction of nearly ending someone’s life and her rejection of Hawaiian customs sparked further backlash.

Finally, according to the BBC, Lawrence apologized on Facebook. “I absolutely did not mean to disrespect the Hawaiian people. I really thought I was putting myself down for being “the curse,” but I understand the way it was perceived wasn’t funny, and I apologize if I’ve offended anyone.”