The Truth Behind Jon Seda’s Chicago PD Exit

Chicago PD fans were devastated when fan-favorite actor Jon Seda left the show, but what led to his departure?

As longtime fans of the One Chicago franchise will recall, Seda first joined the cast of Chicago Fire in 2012. He was introduced as the detective brother of paramedic Gabriella Dawson, played by Monica Raymund. Seda’s character, Antonio Dawson, was initially a series regular on the show and later became a co-star in the spin-off Chicago PD. He then went on to have a role in the now-defunct Chicago Justice.

However, after seven years in the hit franchise, Seda left it all behind in 2019. As noted by Us Weekly, Seda’s departure occurred when his character relocated to Puerto Rico. Given his impressive tenure, it was one of the more dramatic endings in the One Chicago universe. Still, the actor seemed to take it relatively well that his character was written out. In a statement released via Twitter, the actor called his time in the franchise “an honor” and thanked the cast for “the time and stories we’ve shared.” He also sent a shout out to the fans, noting their never-ending support over the years. “To all the #chihards out there, THANK YOU for being the best fans! We’ll always have CHICAGO.” Well, that may be the case, but the question remains: Why was Seda’s character written off the show?

Jon Seda’s exit wasn’t that dramatic

Detective Antonio Dawson’s departure from the One Chicago franchise was a violent one. As noted by Us Weekly, the character’s decision to move was an attempt to cope with his addiction to painkillers. According to Deadline, however, things took a far less dramatic turn when it came to the actor’s departure. According to the publication’s sources, Jon Seda’s vacation was simply a case of his character’s story coming to an end.

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Chicago PD showrunner Rick Eid further proved that there was no bad blood between the production and Seda in an interview with Cinemablend. Eid gushed about Seda’s undeniable talents, sharing, “Everyone here loves him and thinks he’s a great actor.” He even went a step further, suggesting they’d be open to his return at some point in the future. “I think the door is always open for someone like Jon,” he hinted.

Another indication that the production would welcome a return? Dawson’s permanent departure. As noted in a fan-side synopsis of Seda’s final episode, fans wondered what had become of the detective, with no definitive answers provided. There’s no denying that the cliffhanger was frustrating at first. However, if it means expecting a return down the line, we will!

Seda is still known for his One Chicago character

More than two years after his last appearance on Chicago PD, John Seda is yet to reprise his role. However, he has been busy as the star of another NBC hit, “La Brea.” And it looks like he’ll continue to keep fans of the sci-fi action series in suspense. As Variety noted, “La Brea” was renewed for a second season last November. According to NBC Insider, the show will hit screens in fall 2022.

That said, even though Seda has starred in a brand new series, fans just can’t give up on his longtime “One Chicago” character. However, that may have something to do with a similarity between his roles in One Chicago and La Brea. Speaking at the latter’s TCA presentation last year, Seda acknowledged that while both stories were “so different,” he saw a common trait between Antonio Dawson and Sam Velez (via Deadline). Namely, an overwhelming desire to serve others. “Maybe not in cop mode, but I think Dr. Sam will tend to want to help as many people as possible.”

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We’re definitely still pining for a return from Detective Antonio Dawson. Until then, however, we look forward to seeing him on our screens.