The Truth About Paul Sorvino’s Ex-Wives

As film fans around the world grapple with two more tragic celebrity deaths in David Warner and Paul Sorvino, no one is feeling the grief quite like their family members. “I’m absolutely devastated,” Sorvino’s wife Dee Dee Sorvino (née Benkie) said. tweeted on July 25 and confirmed her husband’s death. “The love of my life and the most wonderful man who ever lived has passed. I am devastated.”

The politically outspoken couple has been married since December 2014, according to the Los Angeles Times, after hitting it off immediately while they both made guest appearances on the Fox News show “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” Both are ardent supporters of Donald Trump and therefore felt a certain animosity from other Hollywood types. “It’s these actors, these crazy actors…” Dee Dee told Fox Business in 2017. “If you don’t say you hate Trump, you don’t belong in their club.” Paul also offered to help celebrities leave the country after Trump’s election victory. “Where are all the people going to Canada?” Paul said. “I saved a lot of money. I put it aside to give them all the tickets and I haven’t seen anyone take it.” He also said his friend and former “Goodfellas” co-star Robert De Niro has been very openly anti-Trump , should stay out of politics.

But Paul’s marriage to Dee Dee was his third course to the wedding anniversary. What do we know about his first two wives?

Paul Sorvino had his three children with his first wife, Lorraine Davis

Paul Sorvino was initially married to Lorraine Davis for 22 years. The couple married in 1966 and divorced in 1988, according to The New York Times after welcoming Sorvino’s three children: Mira, Amanda, and Michael. Davis gave up acting and became “an acting therapist who works primarily with older people,” Amanda, a writer, told the Daily News in 1996. “She loves it dad wasn’t gone.” Mira, the actor, whose Twitter Bio reads “activist” and appears to be more left-wing politically than her father, tweeted On Davis’ birthday that her mother “did Dr. Martin Luther King marched to Washington. Gave me my moral compass.” You too tweeted in 2021: “Dr. King was one of my father Paul Sorvino’s greatest heroes.”

1996 was a big year for the Sorvino family. Mira took home an Oscar for her role in “Mighty Aphrodite” and in her speech thanked Lorraine and Paul by telling him “[teaching] me everything I know about acting.” Paul visibly cried in reaction. Amanda, who wrote and produced a play that year, told the Daily News, “The whole world was watching, but I remember thinking, ‘Oh, just another crying Dad episodes.’ He’s very in touch with his feelings.” Youngest son Michael, an actor, also appeared in Amanda’s play and began college at Rutgers that fall.

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1996 was also the year Paul divorced his second wife, Vanessa Arico, after five years of marriage. Not much is known about her, but the New York Times reports that she is a real estate agent.