The truth about Kandi Burruss’ relationship with DonJuan Clark

Being in the entertainment industry comes naturally to Kandi Burruss. Many may recognize her as a reality TV star, but her career breakthrough happened many years before that. Kandi has been in the industry since she was a teenager, as the lead singer and founding member of the popular ’90s R&B group Xscape.

Discovered by music mogul Jermaine Dupri, the group quickly rose to stardom and took over the music industry. “We started our group when I was in ninth grade,” she revealed to Forbes in January 2019. “We got our record deal when I was in 11th grade.” The award-winning group changed the evolution of all-female groups and became famous for singles like “Just Kickin’ It”, “Who Can I Run To”, “My Little Secret” and more.

While she started early, it’s clear that Burruss has gone through quite a transformation. The Atlanta native joined the cast in Season 2 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta and quickly fitted into one of the main faces of the franchise. Many love Burruss for telling it like it is and having a little fun while doing it. Though the reality show highlights its stars’ lavish lifestyles, the show also discusses their friendships. Over the years, fans have watched their friendships blossom, and can attest to one in particular that stands highest — her relationship with DonJuan Clark. How did this friendship come about?

Kandi Burruss and DonJuan Clark have been working together for years

Running a business empire is no easy task – just ask Kandi Burruss and DonJuan Clark. Though he made occasional appearances on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta,” Clark is also a longtime business partner of Burruss and a strong supporter of their efforts. Known as Burruss’ “right hand man” according to his Bravo bio, Clark knows how to “get it done”. In fact, both Burruss and Clark share a similar mentality when it comes to running a business.

“He has the same work hard or go home mentality. He says we’re going non-stop. I mean, obviously we have a million different things happening,” Kandi told Bravo Insider in April. She continued, “It’s just about getting it done. We just have a lot of sleepless nights that we all share trying to achieve things for the common goals.”

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Their relationship has stood the test as they met “nearly 20 years ago” and have worked together “in some capacity for about 18 years.” In an interview with Bravo Insider in June, DonJuan reflected on her beginnings. “We met [because] I used to do online marketing,” he shared. “So we’ve always maintained the relationship. It would be things that would show up [and] she would refer me to other clients.” From friendship to business, it’s clear that Burruss and Clark have a trusting relationship.

Fans will see more from DonJuan Clark

Kandi Burruss might just be the richest housewife, according to The Cinemaholic, so it’s only fitting that she has someone like DonJuan Clark to keep all of her endeavors in tip-top shape — including the latest episode, Kandi & The Gang. The Real Housewives of Atlanta spin-off, Per Bravo, follows Burruss, Clark and the staff at their restaurant, the Old Lady Gang, in managing the restaurant and their personal lives. In an interview, Burruss revealed that fans can expect to see a little more of the businessman and get to know him on a “more personal level” through his involvement in Kandi & The Gang.

Burruss told Bravo Insider that people were quick to “slander” her business partner over the years, but “Kandi & The Gang” shows viewers a different side of him. “On this show, it’s like he’s just himself,” she explained. “He will be his natural self without being automatically plugged into it [that] Role.”

Clark took to Instagram in March to share his appreciation for Burruss, his longtime business partner. “There are some people who are attached to you and some people who are assigned to you!” he wrote. “Know the difference!” Fans were quick to react to support their close bond. “The strongest team in the game,” commented one fan. From running successful businesses to a lifelong friendship, the bond between Burruss and Clark has shown no signs of slowing down.