The truth about Joan Collins’ husband

Dame Joan Collins has no shortage of ex-husbands, but one lucky man has managed to stick around for the long term. And from the looks of their 20th anniversary celebration, these two lovebirds seem more in love than ever. However, we only have one question: who is Collins’ fifth husband, Percy Gibson?

Collins’ decision to walk down the aisle once again came as a surprise to many — including the “Dynasty” star herself. Speaking to The Times in 2013, she joked that at the time she met Gibson, she “certainly was not interested in remarrying. God, no!” But romance blossomed shortly after they met, and the two were married in a ceremony in February 2002 at Claridge’s Hotel. It’s worth noting that although Collins had previously sworn off all further marriages, she appeared set on marrying the man she’s since considered her “husband forever” (per The US Sun). As from Hello! At the time, the pair were spotted wearing their wedding rings around Christmas 2001, weeks before they exchanged vows.

It’s pretty obvious that Collins is head over heels in love with her husband… but what do we know about the man who stole her heart?

Joan Collins’ husband comes from a prominent Scottish-Peruvian family

“I’ve been married to an Irishman, an Englishman, an American and a Swede (sounds like the start of a joke),” Joan Collins wrote for The Mail On Sunday in 2018 (about Joan Collins). Eventually, however, she found her happily ever after in the arms of a much younger Percy Gibson, whom she describes as “an alpha male Peruvian Scotsman”.

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What the “Dynasty” star didn’t mention, however, is that per Closer, Percy hails from none other than a real-life Scottish-Peruvian dynasty, which is prominent in both publishing and finance. In fact, his aunt Doris Gibson was the founder of Caretas magazine and was described by BBC News as downright brilliant. According to the outlet, Doris (and therefore Percy) came from an upper-class British family background, and her father — also named Percy Gibson — moved to Peru to become a poet.

Of course, a name isn’t all Percy shares with his grandfather, as he also pursued a career in the creative field. IMDb lists him as executive producer on the 2017 film The Time of Their Lives. Per Broadway World, he’s also the manager of a theater company, and that’s how he met his now-wife, despite a 31-year age difference between them.

Percy Gibson met Joan Collins while they were working together

It’s just as well that Percy Gibson has become the manager of a theater company. Per The Telegraph, they met and fell in love while he and Joan Collins were working together on a production in San Francisco.

According to an excerpt of her memoir published by Australian Women’s Weekly NZ (via Magzter), Collins had a crush on Gibson from the moment they met. From worrying about her hotel arrangements to making sure her favorite English newspapers were laid out for her each morning, he did everything he could to make sure everything was just how she liked it. Additionally, on her first morning in San Francisco, she woke up early for a morning interview only to find Gibson already waiting for her, coffee in hand. According to the star, he knew room service wouldn’t serve coffee just yet, so he got her a latte himself. “I felt a great surge of warmth for this handsome young man,” she recalled.

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Two years after they met, Gibson and Collins married and earlier this year they celebrated 20 years of marriage, once again at Claridge’s. Speaking at the event, Gibson shared, “You are still my accomplice, my advisor, my fearless leader and my staunch supporter” (via OK Magazine UK). As for Collins, she beamed, “I am very proud that you are my husband and I am very proud to be your wife.” So who is Percy Gibson? The undisputed love of Joan Collins’ life, that’s who.