The truth about Candace Cameron Bure’s political views

Candace Cameron Bure was once America’s sweetheart, but like the political landscape, public opinion is divided about the “Full House” star. While Bure remained a symbol of healthy family contentment, her views made it difficult for those who disagreed to relate to her. Also, she is no stranger to expressing her religious views, per OK! Magazine. No doubt it’s their right to do so, but that doesn’t mean everyone has to agree.

Back in October 2021, Bure addressed the drama in a TikTok (via Yahoo!). In the video, she lip-synched, “Is it me? am i the drama I don’t think I’m the drama. Maybe it’s me. am i the bad guy I don’t think I’m the bad guy. As it turns out, this clip was even posted before the star got into hot water with pop icon JoJo Siwa, who Bure recently called the rudest celebrity she’s ever met.

Since the scathing video went viral, Candace Cameron Bure has been the subject of much criticism, both for her beliefs and for how she treats others.

Candace Cameron Bure’s views caused a stir on The View

Without a doubt, Candace Cameron Bure is one of Hollywood’s more outspoken conservatives. She’s been in the hot seat more than once on her view that women should be “submissive” to her anti-LGBTQIA+ stance. Many examples came from her stint on The View, which she claims was originally intended to be more bipartisan. “I was slapped in a completely different direction,” she told former co-host Sara Haines on the Behind the Table podcast (via Yahoo!). “Politics is not… my bag. I’ve never spoken publicly about politics.” The producers apparently told her they would “get so much lighter” and the themes would be “family and sex and life.” However, “everything changed when Trump entered the race.”

Between the election and several disputes with cohosts, Bure began to feel alienated. One particularly notable dispute was with Raven-Symone over the right to deny service to LGBTQIA+ couples. In 2014, an Oregon bakery refused to bake a cake for a lesbian wedding because it went against their beliefs. According to Us Weekly, Bure supported the discriminatory decision, stating that bakery owners still “have the right to still choose who we ally with.” In response, Symone, who is proudly part of the Alphabet Mafia, said, “I refuse to associate with you now.”

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At the time, the two represented polar opposite sides of the political spectrum, which turned out to be a source of stress, according to ABC News. Ultimately, Bure left the show a month after the 2016 election, and Symone also left in 2016.

Candace Cameron Bure talks about leaving The View

After the divisive 2016 election, Conservative Candace Cameron Bure opted to leave The View. The reason she gave was that she didn’t want to be “the punching bag for the next four years on this conservative pitch”. However, a number of conflicts in the series stemmed from her religious beliefs, such as the bakery argument mentioned above. Additionally, Bure was in hot water when she dropped Hallmark for the ultra-conservative network Great American Country Media. While she claims she doesn’t want the label, Bure seems to do whatever it takes to confirm it.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Bure described The View as “the toughest job” she’s ever had. Although she initially wanted to learn more and explore perspectives, she knew her time would come to an end not long after she started as a co-host. Bure explained to Sara Haines in “Behind the Table,” “As soon as Donald Trump won that election, I thought that had to go.” While the seat was initially something she wanted, it wasn’t “worth it.” [her] mental health” and leaving “was a very easy decision.”

Divisive or not, Bure is clear about what she believes. Not everyone may agree, and certainly her words may be problematic at times, but she has a right to share what she wants with others — as does JoJo Siwa.