The truth about Ana De Arma and Daniel Craig’s relationship

Ana de Armas is one of the hottest actresses in the movie industry right now. Although she received acclaim for her role in Blade Runner 2049 on IMDb, her breakthrough role was Marta Cabrera in Rian Johnson’s crime thriller Knives Out. She is also known as the badass Bond girl in No Time To Die. “I think this movie is ‘Bond women,’ not so much ‘Bond girls,'” the Cuban-Spanish star told CNN in 2021. “They are highly qualified, they are powerful [and] they all show it in their own way. You’re Bond’s equal… Times are changing and I think the film reflects that.”

Meanwhile, English actor Daniel Craig gained popularity through the same franchise and starred in five James Bond films – Casino Royale (2006), Quantum of Solace (2008), Skyfall (2012), Spectre” (2015). , and “No Time to Die” (2021). But before they starred in a Bond film together, Craig and de Armas first appeared together in Knives Out. As previously mentioned, de Armas played Marta, the nurse and caretaker. Craig played private detective Benoit Blanc.

The two continued to work together after Knives Out and de Armas admitted she had fallen in love with her co-stars, so fans speculated the two were romantically linked as well.

The dynamic duo that almost never existed

According to Entertainment Tonight, the three-word character description for Marta — “Latina, caretaker, pretty” — was enough for Ana de Armas to feel pigeonholed and stereotyped as an actress when she signed on “Knives Out.” But once the actress read the script and saw the issues the film addressed, she was on board.

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De Armas’ character accompanies Daniel Craig’s character as he solves the great family mystery. “I see Daniel a lot,” de Armas joked to Extra in 2019. “He’s just a great actor and very talented.” Craig also seemed to be a fan of de Armas, as he said she was “amazing” when the full cast was announced and started working together.

After the film was released, fans loved the chemistry de Armas had with another of her co-stars, Chris Evans, and even made fun YouTube compilations of the two’s cutest moments. While fans were hoping to see de Armas and Evans opposite each other in another film, it was announced that she would be a new Bond girl in No Time To Die, starring alongside Craig in his final James Bond film would play.

The bond will be included in the Bond franchise

Ana de Armas was also undecided about starring in No Time To Die. De Armas’ role — Paloma — was originally “just a contact,” per The Guardian, but the director turned her into a CIA agent. According to Variety, de Armas said she enjoyed working with Daniel Craig on “Knives Out” and that she’s excited to be invited into the world, but she doesn’t want to be someone historically “sexy.”

“When Cary called me about Bond, he offered me the character and said, ‘She’s Cuban, feisty and funny and this and that,’ but he didn’t have anything on hand at the time,” the actor told Flaunt in 2020 He was still creating this character and I was very excited but I said to him, ‘Cary, I can’t say yes until I read it! I have to read the script!’”

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The character was different, however, and de Armas was there. Craig brought in Phoebe Waller-Bridge for last-minute script revisions to make the character more badass, according to Total Film. The relationship between the actors was strictly professional, but friendly, since they were in several projects together. De Armas had an affair with Ben Affleck and Craig has been married to actress Rachel Weisz since 2011. However, we hope that she and Craig will be able to star in other films together in the future.