The truth about Alfonso Ribeiro’s wife Angela Unkrich

In October, Alfonso Ribeiro celebrates a decade of marriage with his wife Angela Unkrich. But what do we know about the real-life leading lady of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

When Ribeiro and Unkrich said yes in 2012, both quickly shared their joy on social media. A day after the wedding, Unkrich gushed on Twitter: “Waking up on the first morning Mrs. Ribeiro = AMAZING!!! So happy and blessed!” Ribeiro was obviously just as overjoyed, tweeting, “Last night I married the most incredible woman alive.” That doesn’t mean her journey to the aisle was smooth, however. In fact, both have poked fun at their beginnings on numerous occasions.

Speaking to Yahoo! In 2018, Ribeiro teased that it took more than one try to convince his now-wife to date him. Unkrich agreed, even revealing, “I called him my stalker.” In honor of their nine-year anniversary, Unkrich took to Instagram to reminisce about those awkward early days. However, she made sure things had changed since then. “Our love story may have started with a cheesy pickup line, but it’s certainly been a beautiful and amazing journey since then,” she wrote. Ten years later, the two seem more in love than ever, but our question remains — who is Angela Unkrich?

Angela Unkrich is a doting mother

Over the years, Alfonso Ribeiro has often spoken about the importance he places on family and it’s clearly a passion he shares with his wife. Angela Unkrich shares three children with Ribeiro and is also a handy stepmother to her husband’s daughter from his first marriage.

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The Tyra Banks co-host has long gushed about his wife’s love of being a mother. During her second pregnancy, he joked to People, “I know this one over here would love to move on.” With their youngest turning 3 in May, the couple have been mulling over whether they hope to continue expanding their brood, but one thing we do know Certainty that Unkrich is determined to make the most of her time with them – and she’s quite a strong advocate for others to do the same. In an Instagram role, Unkrich urged parents to have as many adventures as possible with their children. Eventually, she pointed out, “You only have 18 summers with your kids.”

For Unkrich and Ribeiro, many of those adventures come in the form of overland travel – a tradition that began during the COVID-19 lockdown. “I bought a mobile home. Even though most of the country was in lockdown, we were able to travel because we were ultimately in our house,” Ribeiro told Closer Weely. Unsurprisingly, he credited Unkrich with the idea, and he couldn’t be happier. As he told the outlet, “It’s the best decision my wife has ever forced me to make.”

Angela Unkrich is also a mom blogger

Given Angela Unkrich’s dedication to motherhood, it only makes sense that once when she wasn’t homeschooling her kids or taking them on exciting new adventures, she was the blogger behind “My Mommyhood Tales.”

Though the blog has been quiet since 2019, Unkrich’s journey as a blogger began when she found out she was expecting her second child. In the very first post, she revealed that her goal with the project was to encourage “an open line of communication with other moms” — especially when it came to things like “pregnancy brain.” Since then, she’s used the platform to document things like birthday parties, family vacations, healthy recipes, and something she’s particularly passionate about: living a non-toxic lifestyle. Back in 2017, Unkrich revealed via the blog that her goal was to make her family’s home as safe as possible and had begun swapping out every conventional mattress they had in their home for organic options. She has also used her platform to raise awareness of toxic playground surfaces and car seats, and shared how to set up a healthy kid’s bedroom. In that particular post, she revealed that the family’s direct experience of mold made her more aware of the importance of safety in the home.

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Angela Unkrich may not have initially taken an interest in Alfonso Ribeiro, but it’s pretty clear that these doting parents with a penchant for adventure are meant to be. We can’t wait to see what the next decade has in store for them!