The tragic death of country music star Luke Bell

Country singer-songwriter Luke Bell has died after going missing just over a week ago, according to music blog Saving Country Music. Bell, who was 32, was on a trip to Arizona when he went missing on August 20 and was never heard from. He was found dead near where he disappeared on August 29, according to his close friend and confidante Matt Kinman.

Bell, who had previously been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, had disappeared while Kinman went to Tucson to get food. However, this was not unusual for “Where Ya Been?” Singer. In the past, he’s often gone off the grid and ended up in hospitals or jailed, per Saving Country Music. Things seemed to get better for the singer over the past two years as he sought treatment for his condition and began taking medication. Unfortunately, after such positive progress, his mental health began to deteriorate.

A humble performer, Bell didn’t seem to take life for granted. In an interview with The Boot in 2016, he said: “To be honest, I live by the day and count the smiles. That’s it. Look, half the time I’m drinking beer with my neighbors. Life isn’t that bad. His cause of death has yet to be reported or confirmed. Now country fans and artists are mourning Luke Bell.

Remembering Luke Bell’s legacy

According to Saving Country Music, Luke Bell has died after disappearing on a trip to Arizona nine days before he was discovered. Now countless artists are commemorating the tragic news of the talented singer-songwriter. Mike and the Moonpies, a country band, recalled Bell in a statement posted to Facebook: “The man (and his music) made an impression. He was a real traveling troubadour out there on that lost highway on some of Luke Bell’s tunes in his memory tonight.”

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Joshua Hedley took to Twitter to also share his thoughts on Bell’s death: “RIP to a real one. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him and I was just talking about him the other day and wondering what he’s up to. Really sad night for country music.” Country fans also took to social media to remember the late singer. One fan tweeted, “Thanks for sharing your songs with this cold world. They sure helped me along.” During a another wrote, “So sad to hear from #LukeBell. The guy was an absolute word-bending, time-breaking, heart-piercing guitar-picking genius.”

It’s clear that Luke Bell will be remembered for his musicianship and the mark he left on the country music world. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family and loved ones at this time.