The tragic death of comedian Teddy Ray

On August 12, Comedy Central confirmed the death of 32-year-old comedian Teddy Ray in one tweet. “Teddy Ray was a hilarious and popular performer,” they wrote. “He will be deeply missed by the entire comedy community.” The exit quickly proved right as comedians posed Very beautiful to Quinta Brunson began to express their despair at the loss.

fans too spoken out, noting that some of Ray’s most iconic phrases – like “double cheeks” – will remain a part of our collective vocabulary. As summarized by Variety, Ray has had a successful career filled with many coveted performances. He has appeared in several Comedy Central productions as well as MTV’s Wild ‘N Out. All Def Digital has often cast Ray in their YouTube comedy skits, and many fans are already missing his cameos. “I’ve watched so much All Def content over the past few years and was looking forward to the episodes with Teddy,” he said one.

However, others noted that very little information or details were available about Ray’s death, and used this to fuel their heartbreaking denial. “I’m not taking the news from Teddy Ray until I see a source.” wrote one. Now we’ve learned a little more about the comedian’s tragic, untimely death.

Teddy Ray reportedly died by drowning

Three days after news of the comedian’s untimely death, TMZ reported that Teddy Ray had apparently drowned. A source with the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office told the outlet that a maintenance worker found Ray floating in a swimming pool with no evidence of foul play. While this clarifies the cause of Ray’s death, many questions remain. The pool, part of a private home in Rancho Mirage, was more than two hours from Ray’s home. So far, it’s unclear whose home he was staying at or why the accident wasn’t reported before the maintenance worker spotted it.

The mysterious circumstances naturally led to some internet conspiracies, with many fans unwilling to believe the news. “There’s no way Teddy Ray ‘drowned’ in this pool family. wrote one. “That’s hella sus,” he said Another.

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However, most got by with sharing their favorite clips of the comedian’s work or quoting his funniest lines. “‘Stop putting so much oil on your beard that it looks like Easter basket weed'” remind a fan. “LMAO ah man, Teddy Ray was a gem.”