The Tragic Death of Another World Actor Robyn Griggs

Actress Robyn Griggs has sadly passed away at the age of 49 – her death following a cancer diagnosis in 2020. On Aug. 13, the “Another World” actor’s official Facebook page confirmed the tragic news. “It is with a heavy heart that I am saddened to announce Robyn’s death,” lamented Griggs, the publicist who runs her site. “However, she is no longer suffering and wants us to remember that and the good memories.”

Griggs, who has been around since she was three, began her daytime television career on the long-running soap opera “One Life to Live,” with a six-episode character arc in 1991, per IMDb. But the role many remember her for is as Maggie Cory on the classic soap Another World, which Griggs played for two years. After the announcement of Griggs’ death, a fan of the show pointed out that Griggs’ “Another World” castmates Ray Liotta and Anne Heche all sadly passed away this year.

“I think acting in the soaps taught me so much discipline,” Griggs recalled on Call Me Adam in 2021. “Working with such talented people on a daily basis has helped guide me. I knew I enjoyed it and had a passion for it. I’ve had the privilege of working with great artists.”

Robyn Griggs wanted to inspire others on her cancer journey

In October 2020, actress Robyn Griggs announced to the world that she was diagnosed with stage 4 endocervical adeno — better known as cervical cancer — through a fundraiser she began using to pay her medical bills. Throughout her diagnosis and treatment, Griggs kept fans, friends and family updated on her personal social media and her official Facebook page. Unfortunately, the actress announced on July 7 that her doctors had found four new tumors in her body, and she decided to undergo treatment and chemotherapy.

“I said [the doctors] whatever it takes,” Griggs wrote in her personal Facebook post. “I’m ready for the fight. I will be very sore, nauseous etc but who knows maybe it will work and relieve some pain. You never know.”

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Tragically, Griggs entered a hospice on August 11. Her publicist maintained her official page and continued to post updates on Grigg’s condition until her death. “I will never forget how open [Griggs] was telling her story and accepting that I would help her tell it,” her publicist shared in announcing Grigg’s death. “She wanted to help people and spread her story to do that. I was honored to do this.”