The Startling Rumors Behind Miranda Kerr’s ‘Victoria’s Secret Exit’

As a Victoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr went on to become one of the most recognizable models in the world, but this illustrious career began almost by accident. She found success in modeling early on, and it happened rather by accident. “I never planned it or took it too seriously,” Australian Vogue UK told Vogue UK in 2012. “A friend entered me into a competition when I was 14, but I continued to go to school even though I got modeling jobs.” , added her.

In 2006, Kerr signed with Victoria’s Secret and appeared in five Victoria’s Secret fashion shows. During her tenure, the model amassed a number of iconic looks, according to Vogue Australia. Although the life of a runway model seemed glamorous, Kerr had her sights set on a more humble lifestyle. “My ideal situation would be to live on a farm in a solar-powered house with a hammock and a vegetable patch,” she told Page Six magazine (via People) in 2008 after just a few years of her stint with the lingerie giant. “When this is all over, I’ll be there,” Kerr added.

After Kerr officially left Victoria’s Secret in 2013, she was still expected to attend the runway show, but she said goodbye. “They asked me to walk on the show and I really wanted to, but I have to be in Asia this week,” she said in October 2013, per Fashionista. Earlier this year, Kerr made headlines when reports surfaced as to why she and the popular brand had split.

Was Miranda Kerr too tall for Victoria’s Secret?

After it was revealed that Victoria’s Secret would not be renewing its $1 million contract with Miranda Kerr, rumors circulated that it was due to the model’s behavior. “She can be difficult on shoots and performances,” a source told People in April 2013. “She’s not very punctual. She’s distant with the other girls,” the insider added. At the same time, another outlet had a similar report when a source for Us Weekly claimed Kerr had “a difficult reputation.” Also, this insider claimed Kerr wasn’t worth her price because she “isn’t a big seller for VS.”

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It was also speculated that Kerr had become a victim of her own success. Earlier this year, DNA Model Management’s Richard Habberley discussed how a model’s fame might work against her. “They’re special because they never appear in men’s magazines. When you start doing them, they become threatening to potential customers,” Habberly told Women’s Wear Daily in January 2013.

After rumors spread about the reason for Kerr’s departure, Victoria’s Secret President Ed Razek vehemently denied the claims. “She’s also a consummate professional… Any rumors to the contrary are simply untrue,” Razek told People at the time. The VS honcho cited Kerr’s “international commitments” as the reason her contract was not renewed. Not long after these rumors made headlines, Kerr discussed why she wasn’t an angel anymore.

What Miranda Kerr misses about Victoria’s Secret

Days after it was reported that Victoria’s Secret had cut ties with Miranda Kerr over her behavior, the ‘Empower Yourself’ writer decided to address the rumours. “I’m sure anyone who’s worked with me would agree that’s not true,” she said in April 2013, speaking to Fairfax Media via the Sydney Morning Herald. Kerr then clarified why she chose to hang up her wings. “It’s a natural progression. I’m entering a new phase in my life now,” she said. “I’ve felt this coming since my son was born and after becoming a mom,” added the model.

Although Kerr had fully embraced motherhood and pursued her career, there were parts of Victoria’s Secret that she still craved. “We felt a lot like family, so I miss that. And I miss those trips—we used to go to St. Barts…nice destinations,” the CEO of KORA Organics told Elle in 2014.

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A few years after she left Victoria’s Secret, more rumors surfaced. This time, speculation was that she might return to the world-famous brand again, but that was quickly dashed. “The recent reports of Victoria’s Secret and Miranda Kerr signing a new deal are completely false,” a Victoria’s Secret spokesperson told Glamour. “[T]There are no plans by either party to renew,” the spokesman added.