The startling rumors about January Jones’ baby’s father explained

January Jones is one of the biggest stars in the world of film and television, although some would say she never became the star that Hollywood wanted her to be. But she also likes to keep things private, especially when it comes to her personal life. In an interview with Edit in 2013, Jones explained that she’s decided to keep some affairs of the heart off-limits for public consumption. She said (via E! Online), “When I was starting out, other actors would advise me to keep certain things close to the vest. When you become a public figure, people want to know all about you, and then [they] Take it apart – it becomes negative.”

However, there has been much speculation about the identity of her son Xavier’s father. While Jones has managed to raise her child as a single mom, despite telling Redbook that single parents are “scary,” many people still can’t help but wonder who the father is. But just like so many stars out there, she’s kept her baby daddy as one of Hollywood’s best kept secrets. Luckily, all the high-profile rumors surrounding her son’s paternity have been explained.

The men in January Jones’ life don’t want to comment on the rumours

Just before January Jones gave birth to their son Xander in 2011, she and Jason Sudeikis pulled the plug on their relationship. There were some reports back then that suggested Sudeikis was the father of her child, as the timing of their split and Jones’ pregnancy seemed pretty close to some people. In fact, a Washington Post reporter even asked Sudeikis flatly about the rumours, to which he simply replied, “I had nothing [else to say].”

And while Sudeikis has never really denied or confirmed the baby daddy rumors, there was someone else Jones dated who was also said to be Xavier’s father: Ashton Kutcher. As many fans may recall, Kutcher was married to Demi Moore at the time, and there was even a blind article (via Fox News) that suggested he may have been an ex that Jones allegedly had a one-night date with -stand had. The blind article said: “She became pregnant. The actor’s wife found out about the baby and, to no one’s surprise, went completely nuts.” Again, that rumor was never confirmed, but two other potential baby daddy names were thrown into the mix as well, and they’re the ones who totally get the hang of it came left field.

January Jones refuses to reveal her baby daddy’s identity

Lute! Online, January Jones is said to have become close to X Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughan, who happened to be married to German supermodel Claudia Schiffer at the time. However, Vaughan was quick to deny the claims. The Daily Mail says he told a friend at the time: “These rumors are categorically untrue. My marriage is fine, but these allegations are deeply hurtful.”

As if that wasn’t enough, The New York Times appeared to suggest in 2013 that actor Michael Fassbender might also have been her son’s father, which Jones flatly denied, saying it was her son’s business and not “the business of the boy.” public”. Instead, she told the publication, “Jack Nicholson once told me, ‘You should never reveal your private life or people will pick you apart. They will never believe in your character.'” It sounds like Jones definitely did took this advice to heart, and for the better too.

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