The startling conspiracy about Paris Jackson’s parentage explained

Like father like daughter. And for Paris Jackson, that’s especially true — not just in terms of looks or musical ability, but now in terms of conspiracy theories as well.

In recent months, Paris and her older brother Prince, known officially as Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., have been back in the spotlight. At the 2022 Tony Awards, the siblings paid tribute to their late father, Michael Jackson – whose memory has just been turned into a Broadway musical. But while the two have been publicly honoring their father-to-be, Paris has also begun to make a name for herself in Hollywood. In recent weeks, the star has been stepping up her performances for the release of her latest single, titled “Lighthouse.” But with these performances, Paris is once again in the spotlight – and renewed questions about her father Michael.

Undoubtedly, the father of Paris was known for his chart-topping singles and hits that spanned generations, but it wasn’t just his music that captivated viewers. His private life was constant tabloid fodder. Whether it was the color of his skin, the child molestation trial he faced in 2005, or the biological relationship with his children, Michael has never been out of the public spotlight, nor has he been out of his scrutiny. And now that Paris has followed her father into the limelight with her new song, she’s faced the test too. In particular, there is renewed interest in a conspiracy theory that Michael is not her biological father.

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Why don’t people believe Michael Jackson is Paris Jackson’s real father?

After marrying in 1996, Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson had two children – Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (aka Prince) and Paris Jackson. Given the couple’s unconventional marriage and Paris’s slight resemblance to her father, many began to speculate if she was actually related to the “Billie Jean” singer.

Firstly, due to the color of her skin, many fans began to question whether Paris really is Michael’s child given her fair complexion. Michael was black and Paris – along with her siblings – appears to be white. Speculation mounted after the youngest Jackson sibling was born through a surrogate – prompting talks about whether Prince and Paris were also conceived through a surrogate. Many were also convinced after Michael admitted not knowing the surrogate mother for his third child, according to Newsweek. When British actor Mark Lester came forward and claimed he was the true father of the Jackson children, it seemed conceivable — no pun intended.

Lester claimed he was the real father of Paris through a sperm donation he gave to the “Thriller” singer. “I think he had a problem with actually performing the physical act of sex and [had] also a very low sperm count,” Lester told Studio 10 (via the Daily Mail). He added that he donated Jackson’s sperm to “help a friend.” true father, it was Michael who raised the children – not him.

Prince Jackson defends his sister

Since Mark Lester first claimed to be Paris Jackson’s real father, the “Oliver!” The actor has only doubled down on those claims — even as recently as 2019.

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But despite the actor claiming he could be the father of the Jackson children, the three children – including Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. (aka Prince) – don’t take issue with those rumours. In a rare interview in 2017, Prince ended the biological father rumors surrounding Paris when he opened up about how much his sister resembled his late father. “The only thing that would be different would be her [Paris] Age and their gender,” he told Rolling Stone. “Basically, as a person, she is who my father is.”

Prince coming to Paris’s defense comes as no surprise given how protective he is of his siblings. “We have such a close relationship, and because I’m the eldest, my dad always told me I had to make sure the group was taken care of and somehow I had to be the leader and set a good example,” said he people in 2021.

Paris Jackson doesn’t have time for rumours

Debbie Rowe and Michael Jackson had an unconventional marriage – with Rowe giving full custody to Michael after the divorce. But for the Jackson kids, and especially for Paris, none of that matters — and it’s not worth the speculation. These are her parents and this is her father. No questions asked. “He will always be my father. He never was and never will be. People who knew him really well say they see him in me that it’s almost scary,” Paris told Rolling Stone. “He is my father.”

According to Paris, despite the rumors, Michael Jackson is her father and Debbie Rowe is her mother. Case closed!

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Family members say Michael Jackson was a great father

Despite their divorce, even Debbie Rowe had enthusiastic things to say about Michael Jackson as a father, admitting that she agreed to have the singer’s children as she believed he deserved to enjoy fatherhood.

“I didn’t do it to be a mother. I haven’t changed diapers. I didn’t get up in the middle of the night even when I was there, Michael did everything,” Rowe once shared with ABC News.

Paris Jackson spoke memorably about her father’s influence as a parent at his funeral in 2009. “I just want to say that since I was born, Daddy has been the best dad imaginable,” an emotional 12-year-old Paris said at the ceremony, per Person. “And I just want to say that I love him so much.”