The shady reason Eboni K. Williams called off their engagement

Breakups are a cornerstone of the Real Housewives franchise. Often the chaotic relationship dynamics of the cast and their partners make up most of the drama in a season.

Take Shannon Beador, a six-year star of Real Housewives of Orange County. Almost every season since she joined the show has been about her relationship (via E! News). Her first season was all about whether or not people gossip about her strained marriage to David Beador. Her next season was about David cheating on her. The next few dealt with the breakdown of their marriage, the Beadors’ divorce and Shannon’s new boyfriend. you have the idea

However, relationship problems are not limited to the West Coast. There’s a lot of drama in New York, too. Enter Eboni K. Williams, star of “Real Housewives of New York”. Williams didn’t join the “RHONY” cast until Season 13, but she made quite a splash. She had just wrapped up a broken engagement to her longtime partner, a billionaire named Steven Glenn. Fans and castmates were dying to hear the story behind the breakup, but since Williams rose to fame, that story has only gotten more complicated.

William’s breakup was complicated

Every story has two sides and a split has several sides. When Eboni Williams first appeared on RHONY, she explained that ending her engagement to Steven Glenn was due to poor timing and difficult decisions. During an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show, Williams claimed she decided to leave the relationship when Glenn chose to quarantine with his three children in New Jersey during COVID-19 instead of her in New York. “This quarantine I think has made us, like many couples, come out and tell the truth about our relationship,” she said. “I’m not a parent. I understand that [your kids are] Number one. But I have to be number one, Wendy, and I wasn’t number one, so I had to move on.”

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Insiders say this couldn’t be further from the truth. According to sources speaking to the Daily Mail, the relationship breakdown was more about Williams’ disinterest in Glenn’s children or life in New Jersey than anything else. “The children hardly knew her and she hardly knew them. She just wasn’t involved with that part of his life at all,” the source said. “The quarantine thing was just a convenient public excuse. The relationship went nowhere. She wasn’t really going towards marriage.”

At least Williams has her castmates to fall back on, right? Not exactly. Her relationship with the “RHONY” cast is even more complicated than their broken engagement.

Williams didn’t get along with the RHONY cast

Eboni K. Williams’ season on RHONY has not been an easy one. The most memorable part was when she hosted a “Black Shabbat Dinner.” Williams invited the cast to party with her, and things quickly went downhill. The purpose of the meal was to explore the similarities between black and Jewish cultures. Ramona Singer appeared to miss the memo and was less sensitive to the sensitive nature of the event, per Page Six. Williams eventually lost his temper after Singer claimed Jews and Italians had much in common.

This is just a snapshot of a season of tension, particularly between Singer and Williams. Ever since the season wrapped and Bravo announced that “RHONY” would be split into two separate series, Williams and Singer have been back-to-back in the press. Williams claimed it was a challenge to be the first and only black cast member on the show and that Sonja Morgan was the only castmate willing to negotiate with producers about her return.

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On the Reality with the King podcast, Singer said the cast would not fight for Williams because she was difficult to work with. “She said things and gave interviews that she shouldn’t have said and she said things that she shouldn’t have said that were really hurtful and not really truthful,” the reality star said. “It was their point of view, but we didn’t feel good because we’re a team.”