The sad way Madelyn Cline struggles with social media

Madelyn Cline rose to fame in Netflix’s Outer Banks, about a group of best friends who hunt a legendary treasure with mysterious ties to their hometown. But before he found international success thanks to “OBX,” Cline was just your average college kid…sort of. She was auditioning for small roles on celebrity shows at the time when she decided to give acting her all, per Beautiful! Magazine. “I was in college driving back and forth from Myrtle Beach to Atlanta to work on ‘The Originals’ and ‘Stranger Things,’ and I realized something had to give way,” Cline told the outlet. “I ran out of excused absences from school and wanted to pursue my studies, but in my heart I knew I didn’t want to divide my time any further.”

Dropping out of school has paid off as Cline is now practically a Gen Z icon. Still, achieving overnight fame comes with its own set of challenges. “Some days I have bad days and some days I have to tell myself to touch weed because I’m incredibly lucky to be where I am,” the actor told Elle. “Some days you gotta have a conversation with yourself and go for a walk and say, ‘Hey, you gotta keep yourself in check.'” Cline’s struggle with fame came via social media and the pressure of suddenly gaining a huge platform by fans – all looking at her and cataloging her every move.

Madelyn Cline struggles with her lack of anonymity

Since Outer Banks was renewed for a third season, Cline’s star has only continued to rise. She was cast in the Rian Johnson thriller Knives Out 2 Collider, which stars heavyweights Ethan Hawke, Daniel Craig and Kate Hudson. Cline described how he had a “miniature existential crisis” with everyday “people I’ve looked up to my entire life.” She added, “They are phenomenal people but… it’s terrifying.” Her fame is also reflected on her Instagram, which currently has 12.5 million followers.

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In April 2022, the movie star opened up about the pitfalls of social media on the Ready Set Spill podcast. “Everyone has an opinion on everything … and that’s totally fine,” Cline explained (via Yahoo!). “Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but sometimes it’s hard because it feels like you can’t… not.” [hear your own thoughts].” She added, “Sometimes I have to step back and move away. It’s been a constant struggle for me to juggle social media.” Cline called Instagram “filtered reality,” adding that her current status as a celebrity has made it difficult to deal with.

Cline’s co-star and ex-boyfriend Chase Stokes has also struggled with the focus on his social accounts. When he split from Cline and posted pictures with his sister Rylie, fans assumed it was a new love interest and flooded his DMs with hateful messages, per Seventeen. “I am outside. See you when I see you,” Stokes told his followers.

Madelyn Cline finds the positive side of social media

Despite all the negativity, Madelyn Cline has still found a silver lining for tabloid and social media attention. As Uncle Ben once told us, “with great power comes great responsibility,” and Cline is determined to use her platform for good. “Whether it’s for five people or five thousand people, I want to try to make a difference,” she told V Magazine in 2020.

For the Knives Out 2 star, the difference starts with her Instagram presence, where she encourages others to find their voice. Speaking to Glamor UK in 2021 about how the Instagram narrative has changed – from the rise of the influencer to a space for activism work – Cline said: “I want to help educate, basically. I want to help these girls see what’s going on in the world… You have a voice, you can vote. You have the ability to say whatever you want. cline finally”[sees] the platform and the responsibility I have to these girls and the way I wanted for myself… to be someone to look up to.

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Cline also echoed this sentiment during her Ready Set Spill podcast. Aside from the negativity, she was aware of how social media has allowed her to connect with fans around the world. “I love interacting with comments and seeing what everyone is doing,” she explained (via Yahoo!). “But it’s been hard for me to adjust because the reality is that it’s not the reality.”