The sad reason why Zac Efron doesn’t leave his house often

Zac Efron sang his way into our hearts as Troy Bolton in Disney’s High School Musical with his endearing combination of boyish wonder and conscientiousness. While some whispers in Tinsel-town suggested the actor couldn’t quite hit some of the high notes, he was nonetheless invited to star in the film’s two sequels. Efron may not be able to sing, but few have ever dared to question his acting skills, and when they do, you can bet he’ll pull out his MTV Movie Award for Best Male Performance to do it prove.

However, not all roses are in Hollywood. The former teenage heartthrob recently revealed that getting his body in shape for Baywatch took a toll on his mental health. “I started to develop insomnia and fell into a pretty bad depression for a long time. Something about that experience burned me out,” he said in the October issue of Men’s Health. As well as dealing with these ailments, the actor also revealed the shocking reason he spends most of his time indoors.

Zac Efron suffers from a rare anxiety disorder

Don’t expect Zac Efron to be greeting fans and posing for selfies anytime soon. The High School Musical graduate recently told Men’s Health in its October cover story that he has a rare anxiety disorder — and just because his name is everywhere doesn’t necessarily mean he wants to be. “I just don’t go out,” Efron told the outlet. “People in large groups triggers my agoraphobia.” According to WebMD, agoraphobia causes people to avoid certain situations and places out of fear that they might be “trapped and unable to get help.”

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Efron didn’t elaborate much on the severity of his condition, except that it causes him to avoid large gatherings, which is particularly difficult given his fame and the movie premieres he’s expected to attend. Surprisingly, the actor isn’t the only famous face affected by the rare disease.

Kim Basinger recently revealed the devastating details of her battle with the disorder to Jada Pinkett Smith on an episode of her show Red Table Talk. The actor explained that she “wouldn’t leave the house” and stopped going to dinner. As a result of the illness, the “LA Confidential” actress had to relearn how to drive and she avoided tunnels “for many years.”