The reality of Kevin Costner and Bridget Rooney’s relationship

In the ’80s and ’90s, actor/director Kevin Costner was a huge box office magnet and heartthrob. He made a name for himself in films such as Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, The Untouchables and his major Oscar-winning directorial work Dances With Wolves. With such great success comes great temptation, Costner, who was then married to Cindy Silva, admitted in an interview with the Daily News. “The temptations are pretty strong,” he said of Herald Weekly. “Marriage is a tough, tough gig.”

Soon, the Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves star announced that he and Silva had split, and in addition to temptations outside of his marriage, he was accused of breaking up another marriage — which baseball star Cal Ripken Jr. Costner denied the rumor and even went so far as to call a Fox Sports radio show, which only mentioned the rumor to set the record straight. He said he “only met Ripken’s wife twice in his life, and overall [had] I probably didn’t spend more than 10 minutes with her,” according to the LA Times, the actor added, “I thought at first you were saying that was true, and if it was, I’d rip your heads off. What has been strung together is a kind of story.”

However, there was one affair that was not a rumor and led to a lot of drama.

Kevin Costner had a brief fling with Bridget Rooney

In 1996, after splitting from his first wife, Cindy Silva, Tin Cup star Kevin Costner admitted a brief fling with another woman in the sports world. Bridget Rooney is the niece of the late Dan Rooney, who then owned the Pittsburgh Steelers football team, and while not much is known about how long Costner and the socialite dated or why they split, we do know that their tryst resulted in the Pregnancy.

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In a rare 1996 interview with New York Magazine, Rooney said, “I’m 110% sure who the father is. I’m just enjoying my pregnancy.” To quash any rumors that Rooney was trying to seduce Costner, a source told New York Magazine that given her affluent family and independent wealth, she’s not after Costner’s money, or even him for financial ones need support.

In 2002, People magazine reported that Rooney insisted on a paternity test after the birth of their son Liam in 1996. There were reports that the ‘Waterworld’ director refused to admit paternity, but once Costner found out he was Liam’s father, he immediately set up a trust fund for his child. A source close to Rooney told People Magazine that he visited his son Liam “occasionally but not regularly”.

Kevin Costner makes his blended family work

Today, according to Closer Weekly, “Hidden Figures” star Kevin Costner has seven children in total, including three from his first marriage to Cindy Silva, Liam Costner from his time with Bridget Rooney, and three with current wife Christine Baumgartner. With such a large family to care for, Costner has spoken about splitting his time between his blended families and finding time to devote to each one.

“As [my] When kids interact with each other, there’s always that little bit, ‘Now do you care about us as much as you care about them?'” he admitted in 2015. “I basically remembered it [my older kids] that with me they would stay on this planet twice as long. I said, ‘Look, they’re not going to have what you had,’ and at that point they all just hugged.”

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Speaking to the Huffington Post in 2017, Costner said he hopes all of his kids take away from his fathering and parenting style, “that I played with them. That I didn’t speak badly to them. That I was with them on the first floor. That her father wasn’t afraid of anything.”