The real reason Rosie Perez left the view

ABC’s “The View” is widely known and known for its notable and often controversial commentary on American politics and pop culture. The talk show, which is driven by a predominantly female perspective, has aired for nearly 25 years and consistently tops ratings, with Variety announcing it was the top-rated daytime talk show of the 2021-2022 television season.

The show has seen almost 20 permanent co-hosts come and go in the years since it premiered in 1997, and some have certainly made bigger headlines than others. One of the many co-hosts who may have ended up flying under the radar is Rosie Perez, the show’s first Latina co-host, who joined in 2014 for season 18 alongside former White House communications director under George W Bush Nicolle Wallace. However, she only lasted for this season and left in 2015. So why was Perez only on The View for such a short time? Well, unlike several co-hosts before and after her, Perez was largely absent from the drama and had her own personal reasons for leaving.

Rosie Perez left The View to pursue her acting career

Aside from her brief role on The View, Rosie Perez has long been known as a successful actress, having her big break in 1989 as Tina in Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing. She later earned both a Golden Globe and Oscar nomination for her supporting role in Peter Weir’s drama Fearless in 1993, as well as three Primetime Emmys in the early ’90s for her work as a dancer on the sketch comedy series. “In vivid color.” She was also a well-known Broadway star, making her debut as the female lead Frankie in Terrence McNally’s Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune in 2003.

So it makes sense that Perez left after just one season of The View to pursue her acting work, since appearing on a daytime talk show five days a week didn’t exactly work with her schedule. In the end, Perez departed in July 2015 to return to Broadway, but this time for a new show: Larry David’s comedic play Fish in the Dark. David’s play premiered in March 2015 and ran through August 2015, per NYTix.

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Since then, Perez’s acting career has continued to blossom, most recently on HBO’s The Flight Attendant, in which she starred as Megan Briscoe, a close friend of protagonist Cassie Bowden, the alcoholic and self-destructive lead played by Kaley Cuoco. For this performance, Perez was nominated for a Primetime Emmy in 2021.

Rosie Perez was initially reluctant to join The View

Unlike several of her co-hosts before and after her, Rosie Perez wasn’t known for her combative nature alongside her panelists – but she was understandably concerned about what it might mean if she agreed to join the lineup before herself officially signed up to co-host. In 2014, for example, she told Larry King that she was initially hesitant about the offer. “I didn’t want to be on a show where people just yell disrespectfully at each other,” she said. She even revealed that she used to watch The View but stopped because of all the drama. “I think the screaming and screaming really lost me,” the actor said.

When she left, however, she had a great relationship with her co-hosts, even thanking co-hosts Whoopi Goldberg and Nicolle Wallace during their tearful farewell segment for the friendships they had formed. And in an interview with E! News In July 2015, Perez happily added, “Be happy for me! I feel like I made the right decision to continue. I’ll miss the girls and I’ll miss the crowd, but it’s okay to be.” In the end, that seems to be true, and Perez probably has a long career ahead of him.