The Real Reason Kamala Harris Snapped At Charlamagne Tha God

The vice president Kamala Harris has had a lot of bad publicity in recent months, and when she yelled at Charlamagne Tha God in a Comedy Central interview on December 17, she made headlines all over the world. However, others feel that Harris, like her employer President Joe Biden, is receiving unfair press attention. Critic of the media Eric Boehlert was interviewed by CNN on December 5 and stated: “I believe it’s quite persuasive that Biden actually is receiving worse coverage today than Trump. If I were in the press, I would pause and wonder, ‘What are we doing here and is this all accurate?'”

Although Harris has done a wonderful job, her narrative isn’t getting out, according to author David Rothkopf, a contributor for Daily Beast and USA Today. Posted by Rothkopf “Vice President Harris has recently been the target of a level of press scrutiny unmatched by any current occupant of the position. The media’s criticisms of her have varied from the ridiculous—such as a “Bluetooth phobia” that was really simply a sensible security measure—to whisper-fueled evaluations of her leadership style.” The Washington Post developed a case study on the sexist and racist internet criticisms of Harris throughout the 2020 campaign. Millions of prospective voters saw false, sexist Facebook postings, which were harmful.

You’ll be startled to discover Harris’ true motivation for snapping at Charlamagne Tha God, though.

Kamala Harris hits back at Charlamagne The God

Vice President Kamala Harris responded to Charlamagne Tha God in the Comedy Central interview on December 17 — and she was not playing! According to a story from Daily Mail, Charlamagne questioned, “Who then is the country’s legitimate leader? Joe Biden or Joe Manchin?”

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Harris urged Charlamagne, “Come on. “Let’s go. Joe Biden is here.” “Sometimes,” Charlamagne said, “I can’t tell.” Charlamagne’s response appeared to enrage Harris, who pointed at him and shouted, “Absolutely not, not at all. Don’t start acting like a Republican by speculating about Joe Biden’s presidential candidacy. And Joe Biden is there. And I, Kamala Harris, am the vice president.” A Harris assistant reportedly attempted to end the interview early as a result of the dispute, according to Daily Mail.

Despite all the bad coverage, second gentleman Doug Emhoff said Harris anticipated harsh criticism since she knocked through boundaries when she first took office. When Emhoff traveled to Paris with Harris on business, he spoke to a group about gender equity. Being first in so many things is difficult, Emhoff remarked (as reported by NPR), and this is something she has learnt through being married to Kamala Harris. The lady who is still making history once remarked, “[Harris] said once that breaking boundaries means breaking, and when you break something sometimes you get cut, and when you get cut, sometimes you bleed… But it’s worth it.” Wise words!