The Real Reason Jeff Bezos Turned To Tom Cruise’s Former Associate

People frequently look to you as an example of how to live your own life when you are the richest guy in the world. Nevertheless, Jeff Bezos sees Tom Cruise as a role model.

When Bezos’s net worth reached $186 billion in August, he was ranked as the richest person in the world, according to Forbes. In 1994, the entrepreneur is credited with founding Amazon (and all of its different subsidiary firms). The chairman of Amazon told a gathering of people in April 2018 that there is no such thing as work-life balance and offered followers some suggestions on how he organizes his working day. According to Insider, Bezos claimed that “it is a circle.” “I am frequently questioned about finding a work-life balance. And in my opinion, that statement is crippling because it suggests a rigid trade-off.” He said, “If I am content at home, I have a lot of energy when I get to work.”

In a sit-down interview with his brother Mark a year earlier, Bezos revealed that his then-wife MacKenzie had assisted him in getting his nutrition under control so he could have “tremendous energy.” The millionaire admitted that he used to consume one can of Pillsbury biscuits every day for breakfast, never gave nutrition a second thought, and simply “ate what tasted good.” According to insiders, Bezos is now seeking counsel on his health from one of Cruise’s old coworkers.

Jeff Bezos is showing off his new body while on vacation.

Because who wouldn’t want to appear like the “Mission Impossible” actor?, insiders informed Page Six that Wesley Okerson, Tom Cruise’s longtime personal trainer, was largely responsible for Jeff Bezos’ new “buff” frame. According to rumors, Okerson trains celebrities, and his clientele includes Gerard Butler and Sacha Baron Cohen. The person stated that Wes is excellent and one of the hardest-working men. “You will appear legitimate if you exercise with him.”

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Bezos is unquestionably looking “legit,” flaunting his improved shape while on vacation in St. Barts with girlfriend Lauren Sanchez. The founder of Amazon is shown wandering about naked on his yacht, clearly at ease with his toned physique.

Bezos and Cruise are only two years apart in age, but the billionaire might want to spend some money on other outdoor pursuits besides sunbathing while on vacation. A number of leisure pursuits are part of Cruise’s secret to keeping youthful and in shape, which he originally shared with Men’s Health magazine. The “Mission Impossible” actor listed his numerous interests, including “sea kayaking, caving, fencing, treadmill, weights, rock climbing, trekking, I jog, and so on.”