The real reason Brett Favre was questioned by the FBI

NFL legend Brett Favre is accused of putting his hand in the cookie jar and many fans are calling foul. The quarterback, who spent his career-defining years with the Green Bay Packers, is widely hailed as one of the best in the game. Not only did he set the record for the longest consecutive starting streak in NFL history, he also masterfully led his team to their first Super Bowl victory in 29 years in 1997. According to Sportskeeda, the athlete made almost $140 million during his decades-long career, not to mention the millions of dollars he made from endorsements from brands like Nike and Wrangler Jeans.

Now the famous athlete is back in the headlines, but this time it has nothing to do with his innate ability to throw the pigskin. Favre recently sat down with the FBI to discuss his role in a scandal that has been slow to unfold over the past two years, and allegations against the former NFL star threaten to sully his legacy for good.

The quarterback huddled with the FBI over a massive scandal

According to a report by NBC News, the reason for Brett Favre’s recent run-in with the FBI has to do with his alleged involvement in a Mississippi welfare scandal. According to the outlet, the retired quarterback was reportedly paid $1.1 million by the state of Mississippi to give motivational speeches in 2017 and 2018 — and while it’s not uncommon for retired athletes to earn a tidy sum for their speeches, Favre is accused of the for holding cash without fulfilling his end of the bargain. To make matters worse, the funds used to pay Favre came from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, a government aid program designed to help families in need achieve self-sufficiency. When Favre failed to deliver his motivational speeches, the Mississippi State Examiner reclaimed the funds along with $228,000 in interest. He pledged – although he refused to dole out cash to cover the interest the auditor had asked for.

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The investigation into Favre is part of a broader scandal alleging that $70 million in TANF welfare funds were improperly distributed to those who did not need the money, including former WWE wrestler Ted DiBiase Jr., a horse farm and even a volleyball complex.

Favre says the state auditor is to blame

An attorney for Brett Favre confirmed to NBC News that his client was grilled by the FBI, but insisted the athlete “did nothing wrong.” The attorney claimed the quarterback was unaware that his compensation came from “money that was intended to help poor children.” According to the current status, Favre is not accused of any criminal misconduct.

The star quarterback took to Twitter in 2021 to clarify his side of the story. “As I said before, I would never accept money for no-show appearances, as claimed by Mississippi state auditor @ShadWhite,” he wrote. In a follow-up tweet, the former NFL star assured fans that he’s “doing everything I can to support this investigation to make things right for the people of Mississippi,” and that he to Right received three years’ worth of payment for commercials – which, despite claims to the contrary, he claims to have provided.

The three-time MVP accused Mississippi state auditor Shad White of deceiving about the case and refusing to return his calls. “Of course the money was returned because I would never knowingly take any funds intended to help our neighbors in need, but for Shad White to continue to spread this lie that the money was for no-show events is something about which I cannot remain silent. ‘ commented Favre. “Despite all the clarification efforts with the accountant, he never granted me a call back or a meeting, but just kept running to the media.”

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Fans are not happy about the situation

Whether or not Brett Favre was guilty of malicious intent will be decided by the relevant authorities, but he is already losing ground in the court of public opinion. Many fans took to social media, where they fumed not only that the athlete received funds to help struggling families, but that the poorest state in the country had the audacity to first spend $1.1 million on motivational speeches.

“Jackson, Mississippi – the largest city in the poorest state in America, whose population is 82% black, has no clean drinking water. Not only is the state neglecting the community, it gave Brett Favre $70 million in welfare payments for speeches he never gave. ‘ one Twitter user wrote, while another took to the platform to scathingly rebuke the former NFL player: ‘The biggest welfare scammer in history is white male and his name is Brett Favre.’

When it was pointed out that the state welfare leader was “wasting” the funds on motivational speeches and “first-class flights,” many social media users called for legal action against all involved. “This. is. all. illegal. punishable by law,” one user suggested, while another pointed out that the state “denies more than 90 percent of welfare claims.”