The real reason Adele interrupted her concert in London four times

Adele gave her first concert in five years at London’s BST Hyde Park Festival on July 1. According to Page Six, the British superstar was emotional about her return to the stage and appeared happy to be returning home. Singing her first song, Adele told the festival crowd: “My god, I’m back home.” The Grammy winner added: “It’s so strange to be in front of a crowd again. I get so nervous before every show but I love being up here.” To say Adele’s fans were delighted to see her in concert would be an understatement. Many shared photos of the performance on social media, and one fan tweeted, “You can tell Adele missed doing concerts and hearing her fans sing her song.” Another fan shared a video of the concert and tweeted, “A Audience of 65,000 singing along to ‘Someone Like You’ more than a decade after the release. Adele has had a timeless hit there.”

After the concert, the musical queen shared concert photos and tweeted: “Thank you dears, can’t wait to do it all again tonight.” The BST Hyde Park Festival was a great experience for Adele and her fans! But why did Adele interrupt the concert four times?

Adele stopped the concert to check on the safety of the fans

Adele stopped her concert several times to check on the fans and make sure the concert goers were safe as it was such a large crowd. According to Page Six, Adele stopped her set at the BST Hyde Park Festival to see if viewers needed medical attention and even sent some fans water! The 65,000 spectators waited seven hours in the summer heat, and the Queen was worried about her fans! A concertgoer praised the singer for caring about fan safety, tweeting: “I just want to give Adele mad respect for stopping the show and making a scene when she thought someone was in trouble and need help from security. That was 65,000 viewers.” + and she still made it. It is really that easy.”

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Along with her insane musical talent, Adele’s empathy and compassion are the reason her fans are so loyal. People reported that the Grammy Award-winner and other singers kept fans safe at concerts following the tragedy at Travis Scott’s AstroWorld Festival last year. Ten people died at the Houston festival. People noticed that Billie Eilish, Pharrell Williams and Doja Cat also stopped performing to check on fans.