The real meaning behind Kelly Clarkson’s tattoos

Kelly Clarkson might not be the first person you think of when you think of a celebrity with multiple tattoos, but turns out the original “American Idol” winner is actually quite tattooed. Yes, the “Miss Independent” hitmaker does have multiple inkings on her body, and her love of body art actually began a few years ago in Buffalo, New York. Clarkson revealed this tidbit on “The Voice” back in October 2020 during the blind audition of Buffalo resident Cami Clume, and shared the story while trying to get the singer on Team Kelly. The Kelly Clarkson Show host explained that she was on tour at the time and joked that she was aware her mother probably wouldn’t be too happy with her choice. “My body is still a temple mom,” she quipped.

But that wasn’t the only time Clarkson had a needle on her skin. According to Body Art Guru, the now-mum-of-two has been to the tattoo parlor more than 13 times since getting her first inking and now sports several different poignant designs to add to her existing ones. But what exactly are they and what do they actually mean?

What tattoos does Kelly Clarkson have?

Okay, hold on tight because there’s a lot to do here. Kelly Clarkson has at least 14 tattoos total, so let’s start with her head and work our way down. First off, per Steal Her Style, Clarkson has a snowflake behind her left ear and a hollow crescent moon behind her right, plus the word Blessed as a Japanese kanji symbol on her nape. On her right shoulder she has a removed jigsaw piece that shows a scene from The Wizard of Oz inside, while she’s also rocking a crucifix on her right forearm to which she’s added “Love them more.”

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On her left hand she has a four leaf clover made of love hearts and on this wrist a kite made of a red heart. That was actually just the heart, but she added it twice, including a normal dragon next to it. Below that she has the Roman numerals XXIV, meaning 24, as well as the letters dc on her left middle finger. On her left foot she has the word “Nothando” which, according to Urban Dictionary, means “mother of love” and a flower on her right inner ankle.

Clarkson confirmed to Access in 2021 that she wrote “What does not kill you” in Morse code across her chest. She came to London and it’s a partial reference to her hit What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger).

What Kelly Clarkson’s tattoos really mean

So now we know Kelly Clarkson is a tattoo collector, what do they all mean? The talk show host has opened up about some of her tattoos, sharing her “Wizard of Oz” tattoo has particularly special connotations. Clarkson told Gay Times (via Kelly Clarkson Express) in 2015 that she got it in Amsterdam and it actually has a pretty dark subject matter. “It was a childhood thing that I loved, but it worked for my life back then too. I feel like when I got this tattoo…no matter how hard I clicked, I just couldn’t find a home. And from home, I’m just saying I’ve always longed for a family. A solid family foundation, and I just didn’t have that,” she said.

As for the “Love Them More” tattoo, that was based on advice she received from a preacher growing up. “He told me from a very young age that you have to love them more because they haven’t been loved enough and that’s why they’re mean,” she explained in 2012, per Taste of Country.

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Clarkson also shared that her moon ink has a family connection, telling BBC Radio 1 (via Stuff) in 2012 that her sister has a star and her mother has a moon and star to represent her. “I have no idea how we convinced them. I think she liked getting tattooed with her daughters, so it’s kind of cool,” she said. Awww!