The real meaning behind Demi Lovato’s tattoos

Over the years, Demi Lovato has been pretty candid about her career and personal life. Despite her long-standing professional success, Lovato has been open about her regrets. In a recent interview with Alternative Press, the singer opened up about what she really thought about her album, Dancing with the Devil… the Art of Starting Over. They said, “I’m proud of the last album I made, but it just didn’t feel like me.” Revealing one reason they didn’t jog to their own music, they continued, “I was so high the whole time I was smoking weed that I wasn’t focused.” Lovato also shared her thoughts on her three documentaries and said: “I wish I’d waited to find out more because now it’s cemented. Sobriety is what works for me and nothing else.”

However, there is one area where the performer has no regrets. Lovato, who got her first tattoo at the age of 16, has built up quite a collection of ink on her body. According to PopSugar, the “Confident” singer has amassed over 20 tattoos. In a 2012 appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael, Lovato confirmed that she’s not looking back. They explained: “I’m young and I can rock it now. As I get older, I can take care of it later.” That revelation has stood the test of time as the star continues to accumulate tons of tattoos. Let’s take a look at the meaning behind some of Lovato’s significant images and words.

Many of Demi Lovato’s tattoos are reminiscent of self-love

Demi Lovato has gotten numerous tattoos to document her journey with sobriety and to celebrate self-love. In 2011, shortly after Lovato first entered rehab, she got the phrase “Stay Strong” tattooed on her wrists. The purpose of the message was to help her with her struggles with addiction and self-harm. According to Page Six, Lovato said, “It was very symbolic for me to be able to cover [up my scars from cutting] and also replace it with something else that is permanent so I can never forget the support I had when I went in [to treatment].”

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Her tattoos followed a pattern. In 2019, the singer showed off new ink with the word “me” on the ring finger of her left hand. Lovato took to Instagram Story (via People) to reveal what the tattoo meant. Along with sharing the art, Lovato wrote, “You can’t love anyone unless you love yourself first.” That same year, the star got the word “Survivor” on the bottom of her neck and a rose on her finger, which some people remembered Lovato’s strength have interpreted Women’s Health Magazine. Her tattoos seem to fit the themes of her songs perfectly. Take their 2013 hit “Warrior” with the lyrics “Now I’m a Warrior, Now I’ve Got Thicker Skin, I’m a Warrior, I’m Stronger than Ive Ever Be.” Coincidence, right?

Demi Lovato has tattoos dedicated to her loved ones

Demi Lovato’s tattoos are deeply personal. While some of them are symbols of their own path, others mean loved ones who have passed away. In 2019, the star posted an Instagram photo of a cursive “T” on her left forearm, per Refinery29. The letter was intended to honor her friend Thomas Trussell, who sadly died of a drug overdose just a week earlier. A few years earlier, Lovato had her grandmother, who died in 2016, etched in ink on her left forearm. In a now-deleted Instagram post (via Us Weekly), she wrote, “This is for you Mimaw. You’re 26 on my arm while I’m 26 and forever. I love you more. Thank you @_dr_woo_ for making her come alive for me…it’s stunning and the most meaningful tattoo I’ve ever gotten.”

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However, their tattoos are not just limited to humans. In addition to this collection of meaningful messages, the singer received a special foot tattoo in 2019. According to Refinery29, Lovato’s tattoo commemorated her late dog, Buddy, who tragically died in 2015. The picture featured a picture of Buddy’s face with the words, “Buddy was here” just below it. Taking to Instagram Story, Lovato wrote, “Thanks @_dr_woo_ for the incredible portrait of my late baby angel pal. RIP @demisbuddy I will love you forever and never forget you.” Lovato’s tattoos, which seem to serve as vessels of self-expression and commemoration, are clearly heartfelt and powerful.