The Real Love Boat Season 1 Release Date, Cast and More Info

The Real Love Boat promises to make waves with the perfect blend of nostalgia, romance and a touch of comedy. The series has already generated a lot of hype among fans who know the sitcom series from the 1970s. One person tweeted, “I’ve never been a fan of The Love Boat (I found it weird and creepy) but I’m excited for The Real Love Boat to come out this fall.” While the original series was a scripted show about the captain and was the crew who help its passengers find happiness throughout their lives, the new series is a reality show with a similar premise.

CBS announced that participants will be cruising the Mediterranean Sea in search of “The One.” However, only one lucky couple can walk away with a cash prize as well as a trip aboard the legendary Princess Cruise ship. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Mitch Graham, senior vice president of alternative programming at CBS, said, “Audience connects to the fun and escapism of ‘The Love Boat.'” He noted that’s one of the reasons the original series was so popular , which consisted of people making “meaningful connections.” Graham continued, “Reimagining it as a competitive, adventurous and romantic dating show makes ‘The Real Love Boat’ an ideal fit for our schedule and viewers.” While it’s too early to tell if any of the contestants has made a splash in the love department, but here’s the rundown of the new reality show.

When will The Real Love Boat premiere?

Gather your favorite munchies, grab the remote, and settle in for some decadent fall viewing. The Real Love Boat is due to premiere on October 5, 2022. It’s scheduled to air at 9 p.m. between “Survivor” and “The Amazing Race” CBS stars, according to Variety. While we’re still unsure about the series’ opening sequence – who could forget the theme song, “The Love Boat”? – We know the hosts released their own spoofy trailer.

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For those who can’t wait for the new series, visit The Real Love Boat on Instagram. The hosts filmed a very funny clip singing the iconic theme song. The video, titled “It Floats Back To You,” shows the pair floating on inflatable swim rings as they try to get nostalgic. Though their musical abilities are questionable, they certainly tickled viewers’ sense of humor! As one person remarked, “You two are in hysterics!!! I can’t wait to watch!” However, it seems like the duo are perfect for the role, as they have managed to bring a comedic twist to an often fear-driven genre. Humor and seasick, lovesick contestants are a match made in heaven. As for the hosts, it seems like those in power couldn’t have picked a more perfect couple. Here’s who cruises the Mediterranean alongside the would-be winners.

Who will host The Real Love Boat?

In March, CBS Boston revealed the show was casting hopeful singles for The Real Love Boat. Producers said on the casting website that they are looking for American and Canadian “men and women who are ready for the journey of a lifetime and a chance to find true love.” They also looked for adult casts over the age of 21. Potential candidates had to fill out an application form and answer a few personal questions, such as “Why do you want to find? [l]Love? Have you ever been in love?” Of course, viewers will see how that plays out on the show.

Meanwhile, Deadline confirmed that married couple Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell will be hosting the show. The couple have twin daughters, Dolly and Charlie, and will now share co-hosting duties as well. O’Connell once told Closer Weekly, “She makes me laugh a lot.” They also released a statement saying: “After years of consuming, bickering and dissecting unscripted television programming, hosting a reality series in which a group of singles search for love aboard a Princess Cruise ship seemed like a dream come true.” For the record, O’Connell previously mentioned to Closer Weekly their mutual love for the Real Housewives franchise and credited his wife for getting him excited about the Bravo program. With their combined knowledge of reality shows, it seems like these two have stepped into their dream jobs.

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The Real Love Boat goes Down Under

The Real Love Boat aims to share the joy and ignite the flames of passion far and wide. Per Deadline, George Cheeks, CEO and President of CBS, released a statement, saying, “The Love Boat is a timeless, romantic concept with universal appeal, and we’re excited to re-launch this popular series for audiences in two different countries interpret.” CBS and Australian Broadcaster Network 10 have teamed up to produce a local version of “The Love Boat” for each country. Banding together in the name of love sounds like a smart move, right?

Australia’s 10 Play revealed the identities of some key cast members. The boat will be helmed by Paolo Arrigo, Darren McMullen will host the show, Daniel Doody will serve as entertainment director and Hannah Ferrier will serve as cruise director. Below Deck fans know that Ferrier is a capable crew member. Speaking to the outlet, she said, “After more than a decade at sea in the Mediterranean, I’m so excited to join The Real Love Boat and help all of our amazing passengers find love!” She continued, “I will very much.” watching closely and helping them find their perfect match every step of the way.” We hope the experience on the high seas goes smoothly for both cast and crew.