The predictable way Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly handling his split from Camila Morrone

Will he still love you when you’re not young and beautiful anymore? Ever since his recent split from model Camila Morrone, who is still both, this is what everyone is wondering about Leonardo DiCaprio. The “Don’t Look Up” actor’s split continues a long-standing trend in DiCaprio’s dating history: He has never publicly dated a woman over the age of 25, which Morrone currently is. While the real reason the couple split is unknown, people have joked and speculated that 25 is some sort of expiration date for DiCaprio’s partner. A viral infographic with the stats is even doing the rounds to prove it. Going by the available data, DiCaprio’s next girlfriend could possibly have been born after the release of 1997’s Titanic.

DiCaprio began dating Morrone in 2017 when she was 20, and they reportedly quarantined together in the early days of COVID-19. In 2019, Morrone told the Los Angeles Times, “I feel like there should always be an identity, apart from who you date… I understand the association, but I’m hopeful this will continue to slip away and less one.” will be conversation.”

Luckily for Morrone, it’s the best possible outcome of the split – she’s shifted her focus to acting and will be starring in ‘Daisy Jones & The Six’ on Amazon Prime. As she steps out of DiCaprio’s shadow with her own projects, she will continue to make a name for herself. But how is he holding up amid the split?

Leonardo DiCaprio enjoys the bachelor life

Not surprisingly, Leonardo DiCaprio is going back to his old ways. After splitting from Camila Morrone, he was spotted hanging out with friends in Malibu, where he bought a waterfront mansion for nearly $14 million in 2021. An insider told Page Six, “Leo was out partying every night … he hung out with his old crew and a bunch of girls.” Though they didn’t mention if he was also in Malibu, DiCaprio partied with Tobey Maguire sans Morrone earlier that summer DiCaprio and Maguire, who co-starred in 1993’s This Boy’s Life and 2013’s The Great Gatsby, have remained close friends over the years.

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Meanwhile, Morrone and DiCaprio have not been photographed together in public since the weekend of July 4th, reports Page Six. People first realized something was wrong when she holidayed in St Tropez without him. The destination is known for being one of his favorite spots, and Taylor Swift even mentions it in her song “The Man.”

Despite the rumor mill, Morrone and DiCaprio have yet to publicly comment on the split. Given how careful DiCaprio is about his personal life, the age-related conspiracy theories just have to take their course. Who knows, maybe Leo will break the cycle with his next love interest!