The one thing Wendy Williams just can’t let go of her past

Popular talk show host Wendy Williams has had a tough few years. From testing positive for COVID-19 in September 2021 (per CNN) to battling other health issues, and most importantly being away from her eponymous show, Williams can’t take a break for almost anything. In June, Variety reported exclusively that “The Wendy Williams Show” is coming to an end after 13 years in syndication. “The final original episode of ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ will air on Friday, June 17 with a video tribute to the legendary host,” a spokesman for the show said at the time.

Unfortunately, even the finale of “The Wendy Williams Show” wasn’t enough to bring Williams back, as it was Sherri Shepherd, who had served as guest host all season, who wrapped it up. Williams might not have liked that, but fans were apparently more upset. “Wendy Williams can’t even host the finale of her own show. It drives me crazy just thinking about it. How are people doing with this?” tweeted one fan.

Well, amidst this seemingly never-ending drama, what’s next for Wendy Williams on her TV show? By looking ahead, of course – but not before we take care of some things from the past!

The purple chair stays

As the era of The Wendy Williams Show comes to an end, Wendy Williams is more than ready to move on to the next phase in her life — but she’s bringing the past with her! Speaking to The US Sun, Williams’ manager Will Selby revealed that he and the TV presenter retrieved their memorabilia from the production set. “I thought, ‘Why should it stay there – so people can sell it on eBay?’ There were some things that I thought were iconic,” Selby told the outlet.

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And while some things weren’t paramount, Williams just wasn’t ready to let go of the iconic purple chair that served as her seat on the show. “It was hers and it means the old chapter is closing while we begin the new one,” her manager explained, adding that it would be a part of her new podcast venture. Alongside the chair, Selby and Williams grabbed a couple of wigs, as well as “some custom shoes and artwork that was created for them.”

Selby’s interview follows TMZ’s report that Williams is already guesting some of the biggest names in the industry on her upcoming podcast show. According to the outlet, the proposed guest list includes stars like Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe and members of the Trump and Kardashian families. While none of this is confirmed, one thing is clear enough: the purple chair is here to stay!