The One Thing That Hurt Chris Pratt In His Divorce

Fans were shocked when Chris Pratt and his ex-wife Anna Faris divorced years ago. With Katherine Schwarzenegger, his current wife with whom he is expecting their second child, Pratt has moved on from Faris. Pratt recently lauded his second wife on Instagram, writing, “I really can’t even begin to think how lost I’d be without you. “You’re a total boss, ever-driven, attractive, tough as nails, reasonable, profoundly thinking, immensely clever, and you communicate like no other,” someone once said.

Pratt’s divorce with Faris wasn’t an easy one for the Marvel actor, despite the fact that Pratt and Schwarzenegger appear genuinely glad to have found one other. According to Us Weekly, Pratt and Faris married in 2009, and their son Jack was born in 2012. Despite the fact that the two stars appeared to be a fairytale fit, fans were heartbroken when their relationship ended. According to CNN, Pratt announced in 2017 that he and Anna were “sorry to announce we are formally splitting.” We put a lot of effort into this and are really dissatisfied. One item particularly harmed Pratt in his divorce from Faris, despite the fact that both celebrities promised to respect one another for the benefit of their son.

Chris Pratt thought Anna Faris was the one

According to Chris Pratt, he fell in love with Anna Faris pretty much at first sight. On the set of the 2007 comedy movie “Take Me Home Tonight,” the two met as co-stars. Pratt claimed that despite Faris’s marriage to actor Ben Indra at the time, he felt from once that she was the one. Soon after meeting her, I knew I wanted to marry her, Pratt recalled to People. “It took me some time to acknowledge it because I thought it was foolish to tell her right away that I wanted to marry her. I could have, though!”

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At a Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Pratt said that he and Farris were “meant to be together.” As much as my strange job and how I stumbled into this life, our bond has led me to believe in divine intervention and destiny, he added. Pratt’s apparent belief that his marriage to Faris was destiny made it difficult for the celebrity to move ahead with their split, which started in 2017.

Regarding his breakup from Faris, Pratt told Entertainment Weekly that divorce “sucks.” “… we’re figuring out how to go through this while still being friends and considerate of one another.” Although it hurt, Pratt said that it was ultimately the right course of action for them. Although it’s not ideal, I believe that both of us are probably faring better.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ split was mutual

Even though it crushed him, Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ divorce wasn’t just one-sided. On her podcast, “Anna Faris is Unqualified,” Faris discussed how she felt pressured into getting a divorce. Faris said, “For me, I believe after every breakup, I realize that there were a lot of things I really shouldn’t have disregarded.” “It appears that my hand was coerced in retrospect. It was never, in my opinion, a free choice.”

Faris thought back on their difficulties in the spotlight while they were still married. According to Us Weekly, Faris stated, “I take pleasure in how amazing my relationship is with Chris, but having said that, of course I’m going to feel vulnerable, like any normal person would, in this strange world where he’s off shooting movies and I’m in L.A. parenting our child.”

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In 2018, Faris talked candidly about her divorce with Women’s Health, claiming that she and Pratt make terrific co-parents. We’ll say it again: there are no rules in this. “Jack’s protection is our main priority, and we have a lot of love and friendship.” The divorced ex-spouses get along well with one another. Faris actually looked forward to Pratt wed Schwarzeneggar. On her “Unqualified” podcast, Faris said, “Sweet Chris, my ex, got engaged to Katherine today and I’m so thrilled for them.” “Both she and he are loved by me. Simply said, I’m overjoyed that they connected.”