The one skill Barron Trump definitely inherited from his mother, Melania

Of former President Donald Trump’s five children, only one seems to have more or less escaped public and media scrutiny throughout the family’s time in the spotlight, his youngest son – and only child with current wife Melania Trump – Barron Trump. Donald’s youngest child, born in 2006, was just 10 when his father’s presidency began and 14 when it ended. He turned 16 in March 2022. It’s no surprise, then, that Barron avoided the headlines, perhaps in part due to his mother Melania’s protective influence, and is known for not talking much.

For her part, Melania certainly has no trouble speaking her native language, Slovene, and has even shown some proficiency in a few other European languages. So could she pass this ability on to her only child? Well, some viewers may be surprised that the former president’s silent son actually possesses some secret abilities behind closed doors.

Barron Trump is fluent in Slovenian

Though Barron Trump is known for having some impressive skills, including drumming and golf, the former president’s teenage son isn’t known for being a great speaker, preferring to stay out of the spotlight while the rest of his family does confiscates . But does he speak Slovenian, his mother’s native language? Well, the short answer is yes.

In 2009, Barron’s mother, Melania Trump, told People that young Barron spoke three languages: English, French, and her native language, Slovenian. This makes sense, as scientific studies have confirmed that children who grow up speaking more than one language can easily master them because they have not yet passed the ‘critical phase’ when language acquisition is easiest.

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However, whether he speaks French has not been confirmed as he has never done so in public, and Melania’s own knowledge of French has been questioned. In 2020, Mary Jordan, author of an unauthorized biography of the first lady, The Art of Her Deal, revealed that there is little evidence Melania speaks any other language besides English and Slovenian. However, she does know a few phatic phrases and words in French and Italian, such as “Bonjour” and “Ciao”.

A 4-year-old Barron Trump once demonstrated his Slovenian accent

Donald Trump is not known for taking an active part in raising his children. His first wife, Ivana Trump, even said she raised their three children “alone.” So it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that Barron Trump – at least by the age of 4 – had been spending so much time with his mother, Melania Trump, that he had even developed a Slovene accent.

This was made clear in a 2010 clip produced for Larry King Live, in which Barron, then 4, talked about his daily routine, in which he looked like his father in a shirt and jacket, but sounded like his mother. “I like my suitcase,” he said excitedly. “I have to go to school now.” In an interview with King, Melania added that he “spent most of his time with me.”

Barron isn’t Donald’s only multilingual son. Ivana Trump, also an immigrant from Eastern Europe, taught her eldest child, Donald Jr., her native language, Czech. him now speaks it fluently. However, she also tried to teach her daughter Ivanka Trump didn’t seem to stick with her.

Another thing Barron Trump gets from his mother is his height

Aside from being multilingual like his mother, Barron Trump gets his height from Melania Trump. The teenage Trump child is 6ft 7in – and only 16! Like his mother, Barron is of above average height. The former first lady is 5 feet 11 inches tall and Melania had a modeling career before meeting Donald Trump. Former President Trump’s youngest child stays out of the spotlight after leaving the White House, so it came as a shock to see the teenager with his parents in 2021.

In July 2021, the tall teenager was seen visiting New York City with his parents, towering over them as the family exited Trump Tower. Daily Mail reported that Barron was seen carrying his mother’s suitcase out of the building. During a MAGA event in North Carolina in 2021, the former president told the crowd (via the New York Post), “Barron is 6-foot-7, can you believe it? And he’s 15.”

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According to another Daily Mail report, the youngest Trump made another rare public appearance in July 2022 at the funeral of Ivana Trump, the mother of his half-siblings Ivanka, Donald Jr. and Eric. Barron towers over his half-brothers; The tall 16-year-old is his mother’s son.