The new cast of Big Brother is already getting a big shake

In its three decades of existence, reality television has introduced pop culture enthusiasts to a slew of shows and larger than life characters. From “The Real World” and “The Bachelor” to “The Amazing Race” and “Wife Swap,” TV viewers had various shows to sink their teeth into. However, one of the most popular series to emerge from the initial reality TV boom is Big Brother. Based on the Dutch show of the same name, the series follows houseguests as they isolate themselves from the outside world and compete in various competitions to win a grand prize of $500,000. Since its debut in 2000, it has remained the second-longest running iteration in the expansive franchise.

With a new batch of players heading for Big Brother season 24, fans have already begun to brace themselves for eye-opening betrayals and hilarious exchanges between the contenders. However, it looks like the cast got a last-minute shake before their premiere.

Marvin Achi leaves Big Brother one day before the premiere

On July 6th, the 24th season of “Big Brother” opens its doors to a new cast of houseguests. However, a day before the premiere, CBS announced that Marvin Achi would no longer appear on the series. “Important casting update! Marvin will no longer be one of our house guests this season of ‘Big Brother,'” they wrote via Twitter. The network then introduced Florida attorney Joseph Abdin as Marvin’s replacement.

Shortly after the news, fans took to social media to discuss the sudden departure – many citing it was due to Marvin’s “America’s Got Talent” commitments. One user wrote: “Marvin was not removed for political reasons. He was removed because he’s on ‘AGT’ this season and his contract with NBC doesn’t allow him to be on another reality show at the same time.” Another user tweeted, “You’re wondering if he somehow managed to hiding that from CBS, and they found out when the fans dug it up? Definitely feels like he’s signed to ‘AGT’.”

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During the week 2 talent show auditions, Marvin delivered a unique performance regarding his chemical engineering background. “One day I was experimenting and something crazy happened, so I have to go to America’s Got Talent,” he said in a confessional interview. Once on stage, Marvin shocked viewers when he spilled “chemicals” on himself and removed his shirt to reveal his “belly clapping” routine. As a result of his hot and unexpected audition, judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara sent him through to the next round.