The last year of Anne Heche’s life before her tragic death

As the tragic details of Anne Heche’s death emerge, fans are mourning the 53-year-old actor. Heche was involved in a nightmarish car accident on August 5 when her Mini Cooper crashed into a home in Mar Vista, starting a fatal fire. The crash left the ‘Seven Days Seven Nights’ star in critical condition, according to TMZ.

A FOX11 reporter at the scene was shocked by the damage at the car accident scene and was overheard saying (via Deadline), “If anyone lives in there, it’s going to be a miracle.” Though it seemed like Heche would, against all odds Despite surviving, Heche’s rep shared a tragic update on the star’s condition on Aug. 11. In a statement reported by People, the actor’s rep said Heche’s condition had deteriorated and she was “not expected to survive.”

But despite the turbulent last week of Heche’s life, the year leading up to the “Vanished” actor’s tragic death was actually bright and promising.

Anne Heche’s career was going well

Anne Heche’s career was booming the year before her death, with a major television series on the horizon. According to Variety, Heche starred in the upcoming HBO series The Idol with Lily-Rose Depp, “Saved by the Bell” Elizabeth Berkeley, and musicians Troye Sivan and The Weeknd. An HBO publication describes “The Idol” as “a self-help guru and leader of a modern-day cult who forms a complicated relationship with an aspiring pop idol.” Sam Levinson, the executive producer of the upcoming series, is also behind the HBO hit “Euphoria.”

According to IMDb, Heche has 93 acting credits (along with 84 self-titled auditions!) with multiple projects in pre- and post-production. Last year, actor Corrine Cuthbert starred in the hit CBS TV series All Rise and co-starred in the disaster film 13 Minutes, which she praised for its message of hope. “I think we’re all in a place where it’s time to break free of any distinctions or divisions we’ve had and come together in every community, whether it’s our church communities or our school communities or whatever always acts.” She told MovieFone about the unifying themes of the film.

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Anne Heche was close to her sons Homer and Atlas

Anne Heche valued her role as a mother above all else. The actor was a proud mom to two sons, 20-year-old Homer and 13-year-old Atlas, according to People. Heche shared her eldest son, Homer Laffoon, with her ex-husband, Coley Laffoon. The Wag the Dog star shared her younger son Atlas with her ex-partner James Tupper. “Obviously, for a mother, the miracle of life is just amazing,” Heche confessed to People after Atlas was born. “It’s so hard to explain how wonderful it is to look into the eyes of a child you’re blessed with.”

In May, the mother of two posted a photo with her sons on Instagram. In the picture, you can see her posing with Atlas and Homer in front of an empty pitch and writing “#luckyestmom”.

On August 12, Homer released a statement confirming his mother’s death. “My brother Atlas and I lost our mother. After six days of almost unbelievable emotional swings, I’m left with deep, wordless sadness,” he said in a statement from People. “Hopefully my mom is pain free and starts exploring what I like to envision as her eternal freedom.”

Anne Heche comes to terms with her past

In the year before her death, Anne Heche came to terms with her past. In a 2021 interview with the Chicago PD, the actress told Page Six that she was blacklisted because of her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres, which lasted from 1997 to 2000. “It wasn’t a long-term love affair,” Heche explained. “This was a moment in my life where I was given the glory of being able to stand up for what I believe in and have had since I was a kid.” But the Donnie Brasco star noted that she’s “been there for 10 years didn’t do a studio picture” and that she was “fired from a $10 million picture deal” after dating DeGeneres.

Speaking of DeGeneres, after news of Heche’s death broke, the former TV host continued to write Twitter“This is a sad day. I send all my love to Anne’s children, family and friends.”

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Anne Heche’s love life went up

Anne Heche’s romantic life was still blossoming at 53 when rumors surfaced in the summer of 2021 that Heche was dating skincare mogul Peter Thomas Roth. “Peter and Anne met through mutual friends in the Hamptons and have been together for about eight weeks,” a source told Us Weekly at the time.

After her death, Roth took to Instagram to reflect on their connection. “What an amazing talent to pass away so young. So sad. My #deepest condolences to #anneheche #sons Homer and Atlas. great memories of #summerof2021 #greatgirl #greatmom,” he wrote.

Unfortunately, Heche mostly struggled for harmony in her love life. Heche and her partner James Tupper split in 2018, and prior to Tupper, Heche was going through a bitter divorce with her ex-husband Coley Laffoon. The ‘The Volcano’ star called her ex-husband a ‘lazy guy’ on ‘The Late Show with David Letterman’ in 2009 and claimed he made a living off her checks. However, Laffoon only had kind things to say about his ex after her death, saying in an Instagram video, “She came in hot and she had a lot to say and she was brave and fearless, really loving and never afraid to leave us.” know what she thinks and what she believed in. It was all about love, so goodbye Anne. I love you, thanks for the good times, there were so many.”

Anne Heche seemed to be living her best life

Anne Heche seemed to be on the upswing before her untimely death. At the Costume Designers Guild Awards in March, the actress looked like she was having a blast on the red carpet. Heche vamped for the cameras and Yahoo UK reported that the ‘All Rise’ star looked stunning wearing a sparkling green and gold dress with retro sunglasses and boots. In November 2021, Heche looked fabulous as she joined other stars to honor designer Christian Siriano. Heche joined Alicia Silverstone, Kate Beckinsale and other stars to celebrate the second edition of Christian Siriano’s book, Dresses to Dream About.

Plus, when she’s not strutting down the red carpet, she’s passionate about her craft. In a 2017 interview with Page Six, Heche promoted her film The Last Word. When asked what her “last words” would be, the actress replied, “Hopefully I’ve made my kids happy…give them lives to love.”

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