The Kobe Bryant crash trial begins with absolutely devastating moments

Vanessa Bryant’s unimaginable nightmare still lingers as she went to court over the tragic deaths of her husband Kobe Bryant and their teenage daughter Gigi Bryant. As the world already knows, the father and daughter were among nine people killed in a helicopter crash in January 2020, and eight months later, the Los Angeles Times reported that Vanessa was the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who The county fire department, sued the county and eight individual officers, alleging that photographs were taken at the scene of the accident showing the deceased bodies of the victims of the horrific accident. It was also claimed that the disturbing photos were then shown to a bartender, Victor Gutierrez, at a bar by one of the police officers who took them.

A patron of the bar, Ralph Mendez, spoke candidly about the night the photos were shown to ABC 7 in January, saying he was the one who filed a complaint against Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff’s Department Joey Cruz. submitted who allegedly showed the pictures. “It just sounded wrong on different levels, whether it’s illegal or not,” Mendez said after Gutierrez told him what he saw, while Gutierrez testified that the photos were very descriptive and even showed body parts.

The case eventually went to court in August after being pushed back, and Vanessa’s reaction to the ordeal is once again breaking hearts around the world.

Vanessa Bryant collapsed during the photography process

Vanessa Bryant had the most heartbreaking reaction to the opening statements in the difficult photo process, reportedly breaking down in tears as the case was set up. Vanessa’s lawyer explained on her behalf that not only is she coping with the unfathomable loss of her beloved daughter and husband, but she also lives in the never-ending fear that the photos of her deceased family members will be made public, comparing the officials taking photos , by purchasing a souvenir from a trip, according to TMZ. Vanessa’s attorney also shared an audio clip from one of the officers in question, in which he stated his wife refused to look at the photos after he described the bodies to her as “piles of meat,” per BuzzFeed News. However, the defense countered that Vanessa’s devastation was due to the crash itself and the loss of her husband and daughter, not so much the unauthorized photos that were taken and shared.

After her untimely death, Vanessa continued to publicly remember her family members in a touching way. In June, she proudly showed off a basketball court dedicated to Gianna “Gigi” Bryant and Kobe Bryant in his hometown of Philadelphia on Instagram. “I chose this location so young people in this community would have a safe place to play with equal opportunity, which was important to Kobe and Gianna,” she captioned the shot. Two months earlier, Vanessa took to Instagram to share a throwback of herself and her husband in honor of their 21st anniversary. “I love you forever baby. Happy anniversary,” she wrote.

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