The interesting way Princess Diana’s The Crown actor described the late royal

Anyone who follows Netflix’s The Crown will know Emma Corrin, the actress who portrayed the late Diana, Princess of Wales in the show’s fourth season. While it would always be a difficult and monumental task to play the iconic king, Corrin received widespread praise for her performance, with Decider stating that Corrin “don’t just nail Diana’s memorable quirks and lyrical vocal tricks. She appears to be reviving Diana from the grave. Corrin was nominated for numerous awards the following year, including a Primetime Emmy, the Screen Actors Guild Award, and even won the Golden Globe for Best Actress.

Of course, the actor, who was just a toddler when the late princess died, said they felt a genuine connection to the real-life character they were portraying. For example, in an interview with The Guardian in 2021, they said that because of the role, they “ended up having an overwhelming appreciation for Diana’s complexity.” Due to the time jump, Diana will be portrayed by a new actor in the upcoming season, but Corrin’s take on the iconic character remains notable. And with the upcoming release of Season 5 in November, they recently found some interesting words to describe the late princess.

Emma Corrin describes Princess Diana as ‘so queer’

In an interview with The Sunday Times, Emma Corrin offered an interesting – and quite unique – take on the late princess she portrayed. During the interview, Corrin said that “in a lot of ways Diana was so queer,” in large part because Diana was the “other” within the royal family and was always careful to embrace “outsiders.”

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Naturally, Corrin, who identifies as non-binary and queer, has also expressed her love for the late princess, even thanking her in her 2021 Golden Globe acceptance speech. “You taught me compassion and empathy beyond any level I could ever imagine,” Corrin said at the time.

Of course, as royal family supporters will know in the ’80s and ’90s, the late princess was famous for her kindness and compassion, which may be partly why she even became a gay icon during her lifetime, despite her quiet was heterosexual. Her natural and famous ability to “hug outsiders,” as Corrin explained, was perhaps best demonstrated when she literally hugged a young child with AIDS on camera, which quickly led to a more compassionate and better understanding of the disease, including how that was not transmittable by touch.