The heartbreaking caption John Travolta gave Kelly Preston in his emotional birthday tribute

John Travolta and his wife, Kelly Preston, were generally one of Hollywood’s most well-known couples, with the two enjoying a marriage that lasted nearly 30 years. They famously met in 1987, while filming their first feature film together, The Experts, and married four years later, in 1991. Of course, as Preston later stated, they didn’t get together at first, as she was already married to fellow actor Kevin Gage; However, as she put it, she “really was with the wrong person.”

Eventually, Travolta and Preston fell madly in love, had three children (one of whom tragically died in 2009 at the age of 17), and stayed together for 29 years. As Preston told her husband in a tribute on their final wedding anniversary, “You gave me hope when I felt lost, loved me patiently and unconditionally… made me laugh more than anyone else… shared the most beautiful highs and sometimes lows.” .”

However, in 2020, Preston died of breast cancer at the age of 57. And now, on what would have been Preston’s 60th birthday, Travolta has paid an emotional tribute to his late wife.

John Travolta calls his late wife Kelly Preston his favorite dance partner

In an Instagram tribute to his late wife, Kelly Preston, posted on Oct. 13 — which would have been Preston’s 60th birthday — John Travolta called her “my favorite dance partner,” a reference to her famous scene in her first film, The experts”. ”, in which the two had a long and hot dance session together. “Happy Birthday to my favorite dance partner!” wrote Travolta. “We love you and miss you Kelly.”

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Of course, Travolta has danced in other films as well — including Saturday Night Fever, the sequel Staying Alive, and Pulp Fiction — and hasn’t even been afraid to show off his dance moves outside of his character, including at the 2008 Film Festival Cannes 2018, or 1985 alongside Princess Diana.

As a result, there was little doubt that he enjoyed going boogie with his wife while they also had the opportunity. In fact, the two even showed off their moves for Preston’s 53rd birthday party in New York in 2015.