The Good Girls Cancellation Drama Fully Explained

In June 2021, it was announced that NBC’s “Good Girls” would not be renewed for a fifth season, according to TVLine. After some negotiations and rumors about the show moving to Netflix, it was also said that the show would not be picked up by any other platform or streaming service. The cast took to social media to share their thoughts and feelings on the matter.

“Feeling too sad and confused to look at my phone but just looking back on some of the best times with my girls,” Mae Whitman wrote in her Instagram Stories after the cancellation messages (via Radio Times). “I love my buddies in this cast so much and love YOU guys who loved the show. It was such a pleasure to be Annie and I am forever grateful to you all for supporting us.”

Reasons for the abrupt cancellation range from financial issues to friendships falling between the cast, per Newsweek. One particular reason fans held onto it was an alleged feud between Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana.

Retta says “one person” was behind the cancellation of Good Girls

Amid all the rumors about why Good Girls was canceled, a source told E! News that NBC wanted to renew the show for another season, but the plans fell through due to “creative and financial problems.” However, one of the actors on the show — Retta — spilled the beans on the matter.

“We were close to a fifth season but one person ruined it for the entire cast and crew so she’s not back,” Retta told Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest on July 25’s “Live with Kelly and Ryan.” Ripa asked if you could just get rid of the one person and go on with the show without her. “I think it was a little too close when they had to start and make up a story,” the actor replied. “Trust me Kelly. I’m salty.”

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While the actor didn’t drop names, fans turned to Christina Hendricks and Manny Montana. After a series of jabs during interviews per TVLine, fans have speculated about a feud between the two. The “Mad Men” actor didn’t like the fact that Montana called her “Chris,” and the “Graceland” actor described his relationship with Hendricks as “businesslike.”