The disturbing threat Vanessa Bryant received over Kobe’s body

Vanessa Bryant’s case against Los Angeles County has taken some disturbing turns since it went to court. Vanessa’s attorney opened the trial – which came after some first responders were accused of taking graphic photos of the helicopter crash scene that killed her husband Kobe Bryant and daughter Gianna “Gigi” Bryant and showing them to people not involved connected to the case – by recounting how she lives in constant fear of the images being leaked. And it’s only gotten harder from there.

Nicki Swift was in the courtroom throughout the trial as Vanessa admitted she was “blinded” upon learning of the disturbing photos via a 2020 Los Angeles Times report, adding, “I trusted that they don’t do those things.” As for their reaction to learning about the images? “I wanted to run down the block and just scream,” she admitted.

Vanessa’s co-plaintiff in the case, Chris Chester, has also spoken about his experience on the witness stand, explaining that like Vanessa, he lives in constant fear of the extremely graphic images that are believed to depict gruesome sights such as mutilated body parts have shown to be seen by the public. Chris, who lost his wife Sarah Chester and teenage daughter Payton Chester in the crash, pointed out how an accused firefighter turned in his laptop with a missing hard drive, drilling holes in the investigation into what photos might still be left. Now Vanessa has taken the witness stand and shared an extremely disturbing threat she received.

Vanessa Bryant’s ‘disturbing’ message about Kobe crash photos

While the Los Angeles County defense claims that Vanessa Bryant’s trauma stemmed from the deaths of Kobe Bryant, Gianna “Gigi” Bryant and the seven other people who lost their lives that day, and not the pictures, Vanessa explained on the witness stand that so much of her terror comes from the never-ending worry that the disturbing photos will leak out. Nicki Swift was in the courtroom during Vanessa’s August 19 testimony, where she revealed she received a horrifying Instagram direct message while on vacation with her beloved daughters. It read, “I’m getting Koby’s body licked,” complete with unsettling fire and helicopter emojis. She explained that she suffers panic attacks because of her fear of the photos appearing and is particularly afraid that her youngest daughter Capri, who doesn’t remember her sister and father as they were, will remember her from the horrific photos , should they come out .

Vanessa shared that she still leans on Kobe to help deal with her ongoing nightmare, especially in front of her kids. She told the court that she was applying the way he always encourages her to put on a brave face when meeting with children involved with the Make-A-Wish Foundation when he told her: ” We have to smile” and “make this is the best moment,” a mantra she uses for her ordeal today.

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Vanessa’s testimony came after a very difficult few days in court, as previously reported, she left the courtroom in tears as particularly harrowing details of what happened to the photos were revealed.