The disease LeAnn Rimes lives with

Singer LeAnn Rimes has been famous since her early teens and has had a stormy career. In addition to collaborating with some of music’s most prestigious names — Elton John, Bon Jovi and Aloe Blacc — she’s still the youngest person to win a Grammy Award at the age of 14, according to Whiskey Riff. Even though the “Can’t Fight The Moonlight” hitmaker accomplished so much so early in her career, it ended up having a negative effect on her.

In July 2022, Rimes told Insider that she’s always under pressure to be a “superhuman” performer. The ‘Northern Lights’ actress said there were times when she pushed herself to the point of singing on stage when she felt sick. “Since I was very young, being in the public eye and needing to override my humanity has been, I think, a big part of my experience with anxiety and depression and what triggered it,” she revealed.

Rimes, who now hosts her own mental health-focused podcast, Wholly Human, told USA Today in 2021 that seeking treatment was “the best gift I could have given myself.” She continued, “I’ve had people around me all my life… Talk about codependency. I was never really alone until I was treated for anxiety and depression.” Rimes has been an open book with fans for some time, and has even spoken out about the health condition she’s living with.

LeAnn Rimes was diagnosed with psoriasis at the age of 2

In an October 2020 story by LeAnn Rimes for Glamor magazine, the singer detailed her experiences of living with the skin condition psoriasis. As mentioned in her Instagram post, she wanted to share this with fans in honor of World Psoriasis Day. “I was only two years old when I was diagnosed with psoriasis. By the time I was six years old, painful red patches covered about 80% of my body — everything but my hands, feet and face,” the singer told Glamour.

Rimes explained that she felt she “needed to hide” the condition because “‘faults’ weren’t brought to the fore” and psoriasis and other skin conditions weren’t openly discussed during her teenage years. Rimes admitted to trying different steroid creams and medications and trying to hide her flare-ups by wearing certain types of clothing.

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Things started to improve when Rimes hit her 20s. She found a treatment that helped keep her skin clear. “As my condition improved, I increased the amount of time between each of my shots until two and a half years ago I felt comfortable stopping them,” she said. In early 2020, Rimes admitted that “all hell broke loose in the world” when she began to stress, which is known to be a contributing factor to psoriasis. As a result, her flare-ups returned and covered her body. Rather than shying away from it all, Rimes bared it all for glamour, showing off her patch-covered body.

Eddie Cibrian is “incredibly proud” of LeAnn Rimes for sharing her story

LeAnn Rimes’ candid story to Glamor magazine about living with psoriasis wasn’t the first time she’s opened up about the skin condition. In 2009, she even led a global campaign called “Stop Hiding from Psoriasis” to encourage others to talk to their dermatologist about the impact it is having on people with psoriasis. However, the ‘Life Goes On’ hitmaker admitted her skin was always clear when she spoke about it beforehand. “It’s different this time,” she said, before mentioning that she felt like she was holding back. “Maybe it’s the fact that this year has really put things into perspective, but I now feel like I’m at a point in my life where I just want to break out of that cage.”

After sharing her flare-ups exclusively for the magazine, Rimes said posting these photos was “such a sigh of relief,” adding, “These are these photos to me. I needed that.” She also wants to be an example for others. Rimes explained, “I hope that everyone who has kept small has the courage to step out of this cage. If we don’t let ourselves be locked up, our life comes back to us.”

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In a 2021 interview with Page Six, Rimes’ husband, actor Eddie Cibrian, expressed how “incredibly proud” he is of his wife for sharing her story. “I think it helps them when she talks about it so openly, I think it helps them too,” he said.